Filecoin information: defil obtains capital investment from gate Labs

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filecoin information defil obtains capital

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According to the latest news ,Filecoin Decentralized lending platform DeFIL get Gate Labs investment , It's meant to promote Filecoin Ecological development .DeFIL As Filecoin The financial derivative platform in the ecology , Already obtained IPFS Ecological fund 、FBG Investment in capital and other institutions .

Gate Labs Investment criteria are determined by Gate Labs、GateChain、HipoDeFi And so on , Seed funding will be provided in the early stage , Fully support the team to focus on the project itself , Including project implementation 、 Product development 、 Service upgrade, etc , We will also give full support and encouragement , Help high quality projects to develop healthily and sustainably .

DeFIL It's a Filecoin Decentralized credit lending platform . Since the launch of the platform FIL Up to 171 over , Total assets breakthrough 19 Billion .DeFIL The platform is dedicated to Filecoin The Internet provides more liquidity , advance DeFi The market development of , And will gradually expand the landing application scenarios , More choices for investors , help Filecoin The ecological development of .

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