Discussion on the follow-up governance and development direction of filecoin

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discussion follow-up follow governance development

Filecoin The development of the network and the function and performance of the subsequent online will continue to develop over time , Let's list some of the future Filecoin Possible features and roles :V|IPFS_KF818

Maintenance miner : If a miner chooses to terminate the sector data storage ahead of time , First, they need to pay the relevant sector termination fee . At the same time, another miner is storing data , At this time, the maintenance workers need to come forward , Retrieve data and create new transactions , Integrate the data into the new sector and ensure that the corresponding number of copies are stored .

Applied miner :Filecoin A large part of the value of Web-based development comes from various innovative applications , Service experience improvement and different use scenarios based on various innovative applications . therefore , stay Filecoin In the next direction of development , Maximum incentive developers to develop a variety of innovative applications , This is for Filecoin Come on , crucial .

Filecoin To loan : This also belongs to Filecoin An important part of the application scenario , adopt DeFi platform ,FIL The holder can leave his hands idle FIL Lending to miners in need , So as to obtain certain income , To spread the risk of market volatility , And get the corresponding income .

Quick retrievable proof of replication : In order to promote the rapid development of the retrieval market , It is very important to provide replication proof of fast retrieval service , It will promote security 、 Fast 、 Efficient search market service .

Extensible consensus : Improved consensus mechanism will improve throughput and security .

General smart contract :Filecoin The improvement of blockchain will be able to use general smart contract and state machine on the chain . Through the improved smart contract can effectively improve the efficiency of the network , So as to improve Filecoin The efficiency of the network , The increase of productivity will promote the demand and thus the prosperity of the network , Ecological prosperity and development .

Filecoin In essence, it is an economy that needs the cooperation of all participants , With everyone's participation, it develops and evolves over time , And in the follow-up time to promote the development of the network in the form of various proposals . In this process, each participant can obtain his own satisfactory harvest .

When Filecoin At the later stage of development , It will no longer rely on official support , Form an independent operation without a lot of tools and subsidies 、 Steady network economy .

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