The development trend of filecoin and the change of income model

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development trend filecoin change income

yesterday ,Filecoin Of SAFT Partial release is reduced , Such as the market FIL Will reduce , But the miner's output remains the same as before .V|IPFS_KF818

First of all, let's review Filecoin Our economic model ,Filecoin Miners in the network are divided into storage miners and retrieval miners , There is a big difference in the composition of income before the two , There are four types of income sources for miners .

The first is to provide network bandwidth and hard disk storage space FIL, Generally speaking, the user stores the data in the miner's hard disk and pays the corresponding FIL, At this time, the miner got FIL go by the name of Storage of mining proceeds .

Block packaging revenue : as everyone knows , In bitcoin , When the miner successfully packs a block , There are two benefits , One benefit is to package the new bitcoin generated by the block's own system , Another benefit is the transaction fee for all transactions included in this block .

The rule is Filecoin The same applies to , These benefits are the core benefits of blockchain projects that participated in mining in the early stage , This part of the reward is used to encourage more early miners to join in , Jointly develop and expand the platform . If you want to make an analogy , This part of the revenue is equivalent to the early stage of the taxi platform for more drivers to enter , Extra subsidies for miners .

Retrieve market returns : When a user needs to download a data or file , He will choose to send the demand to the miners who specially provide file retrieval service in the network , And pay a token for that .

When the miner receives the user's demand , Use bandwidth to find the files customers need in the network , And send it to the customer , Because it provides file service for users , The miner gets part of the token paid by the user .

Storage market revenue : When a user wants to store some data or file , He sends a storage request to the system and pays a certain amount of Filecoin Tokens, . At this time, the search miner went to battle again , Find the right storage miner , Save the data to the hard disk of the storage miner , What the user pays for Filecoin The token belongs to the storage miner .

In the early days of the Internet , Block packaging revenue is the absolute mainstream , because Filecoin Business is still in the process of popularization , Storing and retrieving orders is still rare .

Filecoin In the field of distributed storage, it is an absolute leading project , It needs powerful computing power to ensure the storage scale of the network , To ensure adequate storage capacity , So in the early days, the network had the most burst rate , So we can get the most mining revenue in the early stage .

therefore , some time Filecoin On the road of development , With the development of the Internet , There are more and more landing commercial applications , More and more orders are stored and retrieved in the network , This part of the income gradually increases in the proportion of the overall income , Finally, it becomes the mainstream of network revenue .

The key is ,Filecoin Mining through long and slow output FIL, Can effectively hedge the risk of the market , No matter how much money goes up and down in the market , Can guarantee a stable state of mind , To make more money .

In the early stage, the node with mining is the least 、 The lowest cost of mining 、 The highest token release rate 、 Mining yields the most . And as the network grows , The block reward of the whole network remains unchanged , So the reward of unit computing power is bound to be smaller , However , The revenue from storage and retrieval increases with computing power ( The specific amount of effective data stored ) Increasing and increasing .

Even with the half-life of the Internet , The revenue has become the same as the output of bitcoin today , There's no need to panic , Because at this time, the block reward has retreated to the second line , Storage and retrieval revenue can continue to generate considerable revenue .


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