Teatime: an RPC penetration framework for blockchain nodes

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teatime rpc penetration framework blockchain

About Teatime

Teatime Is a RPC Infiltration framework , It aims to help researchers scan and discover the wrong configuration in blockchain nodes .Teatime Support to detect all kinds of problems , From information leakage to open account , And then configuration tampering , It's very powerful .

Teatime Our goal is to help us Scan nodes with security vulnerabilities , And minimize the risk of node based attacks caused by common vulnerabilities .Teatime Using a plug-in based architecture , Therefore, the majority of researchers can easily use their own inspection extension library .

Please note that , This project is only a proof of concept at present PoC, The documentation is not rich enough , But then the developers will continue to improve .

Tool installation

Teatime be based on Python 3.6 Development , Therefore, the majority of users need to install and configure on their own devices first Python v3.6+ Environmental Science .

First , We need to use the following command to install Teatime:

$ pip3 install teatime

Or say , We can also use the following command to clone the source code of the project locally , Then run the install command :

git clone https://github.com/dmuhs/teatime.git
$ pip3 install

Yes, of course , We can also pass Python Of setuptools To install Teatime:

$ python3 setup.py install

Sample tool use

First , We need to instantiate a Scanner class , Then pass in the target IP、 port 、 Node type and initialization plug-in list . You can use the following code samples as a reference , To detect the target node :

from teatime.scanner import Scanner
from teatime.plugins.context import NodeType
from teatime.plugins.eth1 import NodeSync, MiningStatus
INFURA_URL = "Infura API Endpoint"
def get_scanner():
return Scanner(
NodeSync(infura_url=INFURA_URL, block_threshold=10),
if __name__ == '__main__':
scanner = get_scanner()
report = scanner.run()

For details, please refer to examples More examples of tools in the directory .Teatime It's completely typed , So if you don't like reading documents , It can also be in IDE Free to explore options in .

Continue to develop

Teatime The future development direction has not yet been determined , But we prefer to add more than RPC Interface, broader inspection support , Especially for the following technologies :

Ethereum 2.0 Filecoin IPFS

Project address

Teatime: Click on the bottom 【 Read the original 】 obtain

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