Summary of automatic contract tracking robot dry goods

summary automatic contract tracking robot

You should have heard of the automatic contract tracking robot of the exchange , The currency has fluctuated sharply recently , It's both a risk and an opportunity , Let's talk about it today

Most investors, even with their level of analysis 、 How high is the technology , Eventually, it will inevitably fall into the end of failure , What is the root of this ? It's greed . What is the main weapon against greed ?

The biggest enemy of profit is greed , Contentment is the key to profit in trading .

The randomness of price fluctuation determines the importance of position control in trading , Generally, light warehouse is suitable , Because once the position is heavy , Their mentality will also change , Often affect the normal decision-making and trading strategy , And that affects the outcome of the deal .

Position control is the most fundamental part of trading 、 The most important part . The real investment return rule is : Position affects attitude 、 Attitude impact analysis 、 Analysis influences decision making 、 Decision making affects revenue .

History proves , There is too little time for individual subjective judgment to coincide with the actual trend of the market , It's rooted in the limited resources we have , Limited time 、 Limited energy 、 Limited funds 、 Limited cognitive ability , wait .

Objective analysis depends on clear rules . No matter whether subjective analysis and objective analysis are contradictory or not ,IT The development of technology and the reduction of cost provide impetus for the development of such strategies . We should strictly abide by the objective rules .

What are the aspects of quantitative transaction research and development ?

1. at that time , Traders are all manual or semi-automatic . With the development of computer technology and the gradual maturity of the market . Quantitative trading further develops and automates the generation of these pre-existing strategies , Improve the efficiency of the transaction . Reduced transaction costs . This kind of transaction belongs to the implementation of the original strategy with new technology , But it's not, in essence, a new type of strategy

2. It mainly depends on the science and technology driven strategy formed by the rapid development of computer technology in the past decade , It is mainly reflected in the higher efficiency of the algorithm , Computer hardware is more powerful . Traders can take advantage of speed , A large number of automated transactions generate stable returns .

3. Using computer technology to develop new strategies : For example, we often talk about statistical arbitrage , Is to rely on the advantages of computer data mining 、 Pattern recognition, etc . In the past, it was unimaginable to rely solely on manual trading .

Because of the systematic nature of quantitative trading , The speed at which the human brain processes these system elements , It's not as good as a computer . The use of information technology , The speed of transaction execution is much faster than that of manual strategy .

All in all , The automated contract robot tracking system of the exchange is indispensable in the future. I hope you can act quickly and do not let down the bull market !

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