The importance of Chinese market to the development of filecoin

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importance chinese market development filecoin

stay Filecoin After the launch ,FIL Reached the highest point since the independent online line , According to the relevant statistics , These trading volumes mainly come from the largest exchanges in China —— Fire money , its 24 The hourly volume has reached 242 Billion dollars , Three times as much as bitcoin and Ethereum in the same period of time .V|IPFS_KF818

For this phenomenon ,Gaspar Speaking of :“Filecoin Very popular in China , Chinese miners have a strong interest in it , They need to put FIL Tokens are pledged as collateral , This leads to a demand for the token . Besides , because BTC and ETH Shortage of mining machinery ,Filecoin Mining seems to be an attractive option for these miners .”

come from CoinGecko The data show that as of 4 month 9 Japan , Fire currency exchange accounts for Filecoin 24 The volume of transactions per hour is close to 40%. This data favorably supports Gaspar Point of view : about Filecoin The popularity of coal mining is mainly driven by the retail investors and miners in China . In some first tier cities , We can even see about Filecoin The subway advertisement . The purpose of these ads is to attract retail investors Filecoin.

According to the node data during the space race , Currently involved in Filecoin The number of nodes in mining is 95% From China ,Filecoin The development momentum in China is very strong . For this , come from OKEx Insights( Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx Research team of ) The market analyst of Robbie Liu Express one's point of view :“ China is the global cryptocurrency mining center , It is natural that the market is highly sensitive to the mining economy .Filecoin The reason for the strong development is FIL Compared with mining BTC and ETH To be more affordable

2020 year , China ZF Announced a new Internet infrastructure plan , We call it “ New infrastructure ”, It's all over the place 2020 Year is a hot word , The main force is 5G、 Artificial intelligence 、 And innovation in areas like the Internet .“ New infrastructure ” It is very important for Filecoin It's a powerful catalyst for , Because decentralized distributed storage technology fully meets the requirements , This is for Filecoin The driving force of related ecosystems can be foreseen .

Filecoin The built-in economic rules of the Internet force miners to buy more FIL Used to pledge, so as to produce subsequent FIL, from Filecoin From the perspective of network development, this is a powerful measure , It can effectively motivate the miners to continue to invest, so as to support the subsequent continuous output . about FIL In itself , In the early days when ecology had not yet been established , Buy through miners , And make sure FIL The value of , Ensure a virtuous cycle of network growth .

Filecoin It's essentially a data storage network , Compared with current e.g. Alibaba cloud 、 Amazon 、 Cloud storage, such as Google, offers similar services , but Filecoin Through the blockchain technology, the openness of the network is solved , The data stored in the network cannot be changed , These advantages over traditional cloud storage services .

But now the speech Filecoin It's too early to compete with these , After all, these giants have been working in cloud storage for many years , The giants' advantage is not just in storage , It also has advantages in operation management technology and services .

Gaspar And explained Filecoin What you need to think about before your team really starts competing with industry leaders in this field ."Filecoin Will need to make sure its network stays online , Files are securely stored and accessed , And ensure that the risk and cost of storing data on it is lower than centralized storage solutions ."

although FIL It remains to be seen how the network will develop after it is launched and its production is reduced for the first time , But one thing to expect is :Filecoin The real value of the world depends on the world around Filecoin The development of ecological projects built by projects , The prosperity of these ecological projects together built Filecoin The value base of .

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