Operation principle of filecoin box

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operation principle filecoin box

Before ,Filecoin Officials are Slack The channel said it would consider adding NFT, Then the official blog post 《 contain NFT Developing templates Filecoin Box Online Truffle》. The article says there is Filecoin Box, Developers can start building decentralized art galleries . that box What's the operation principle of ?V|IPFS_KF818

function Filecoin Box Will generate 10 Accounts , Each account has 100 FIL. You can simulate these accounts in the environment , To create storage transactions , original NFT And upload / retrieval NFT. Storage transactions are customers ( for example Ganache Developers of ) Agreements with storage miners , Used in Filecoin Data is stored on the network ( In this case ERC-721 assets ). In public Filecoin On the Internet , These transactions have to be “ OTC” a - in other words , You have to make a deal with the miners first , Then you can store any data . stay Filecoin In the box , Automatically close deals to simulate an active storage market .

Developers access the storage market , Capital account ,NFT Standard and front end gallery UI, You can create and test all kinds of Filecoin Interact with Ethereum , Test the storage and retrieval process , To continue to create powerful Dapps To support a decentralized storage ecosystem .

So far ,Filecoin The main network has just been online for half a year , Now the storage capacity of the network reaches 4.24EB, It can be said that this is a remarkable achievement , This achievement must have been unexpected by the officials at first . The reason Filecoin To achieve such remarkable achievements , You can't do without the miners Filecoin Recognition , recognition Filecoin It will have a good development prospect in the future , So as to actively layout .

at present ,FIL The price of 40 The dollar soared to 170 dollar , A formal positive response to this expectation . Let's look forward to Filecoin A brighter future .


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