Why do more and more people choose to build a perpetual contract exchange?

people choose build perpetual contract

Everybody knows , The exchange is actually a platform for exchanging digital currency , Some of their platforms can be leveraged 、 Quantitative trading 、 Contract trading, etc . this paper MYY1003G Organize and release , Only as a reference for project requirements !
The advantage of exchange on the blockchain is that the exchange does not hold a large number of cryptocurrencies from users , All cryptocurrencies will be stored on the blockchain and controlled by users' wallets or smart contracts . An exchange that would have needed trust centralism , Now you just need to trust the blockchain and smart contracts . Most of the smart contracts used in exchanges will be open source so that everyone can confirm the details of the contract .
What is a contract deal ?
Contract transaction refers to the agreement between the buyer and the seller to receive a certain amount of certain assets at a specified price at a certain time in the future . The trading object of contract trading is the standardized contract formulated by the exchange , The exchange regulates the type of its goods , Trading hours , Standardized information such as quantity . The contract represents the rights and obligations of both parties . In short, it's , Now make an appointment to trade a certain amount of certain goods at a certain time and place in the future .
Leverage trading in the exchange system :
Leveraged trading , In short, it is to invest several times of the original capital with a small amount of money . In order to achieve the expected relative standard of investment volatility several times the yield , Or loss . Out of margin ( The amount of this fund is limited ) The increase or decrease is not in proportion to the fluctuation of the underlying assets , The risk is very high .
Quantitative trading in the exchange system :
Quantitative trading refers to the use of advanced mathematical models to replace human subjective judgment , Using computer technology, from the huge historical data , Select a variety of probability events that can bring the amount of revenue to formulate the strategy , It greatly reduces the impact of investor's mood fluctuation , Avoid investors making irrational investment decisions when the market is extremely fanatical or pessimistic .
Limited price trading in the exchange system :
Limit trading is better understood , Buy at a limited price / Selling means that the user sets up a purchase currency / The price and quantity of money sold , Regenerate it into a commission note , The system will automatically and intelligently match the orders paid and sold in the market , Once the price set by the user is reached, the transaction will be completed automatically according to the priority of price priority time .

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