How to build a trading platform for perpetual contracts?

build trading platform perpetual contracts

With the rapid development of digital currency futures , The majority of users see the advantage that futures contracts can hedge , this paper MYY1003G Organize and release , Only as a reference for project requirements ! And devote themselves to contract trading . For users with large capital output , Traditional weekly contract 、 The quarterly contract can't meet their needs , The feature that perpetual contracts do not need delivery is more humanized , And the settlement of perpetual contracts is fast , Effectively enhance the market activity , It also increases investor risk hedging 、 Hedging opportunities .
Blockchain is not just a technology , It also provides a service mode and solution , The Internet has played an extremely important role in promoting the development of the industry . Its main features include : De centralization 、 No tampering 、 Not relying on third parties 、 Intelligent contract ( In essence, the value of the Internet ) etc. , Simply speaking , It's a commodity or proof , Digitize this product , And then hash function operation , At the same time, mark the time , Because of its one-way irreversibility 、 Anti collision 、 Fast encryption speed and other features , Just generate a number , Mark the time , You can trace the source . Once these are combined with the power of industrialization , Will profoundly change technical efficiency and security .
What is a perpetual contract ?
  Perpetual contracts are futures contracts that trade forever , Compared with traditional futures contracts , The perpetual contract has the support of long and short two-way trading 、 Can be permanent position and other outstanding advantages . Perpetual contracts are simply leveraged , There is no delivery period , You can hold a permanent position . The perpetual contract is the upgrade and continuation of the traditional futures contract . Digital currency transactions only exist , Relatively speaking, the risk is smaller , Control flexibly . Internationally, there are IOAEX, Chinese is available . There are OKEX, But the peak is not very stable .
How to use a perpetual contract ?
Perpetual contracts are useful in many ways . First , If you own bitcoin , And see that the price of bitcoin is falling , So rather than suffer losses and sell bitcoin , Or continue to hold positions and wait for prices to pick up , It's better to simply in the bitcoin contract market “ Short ”, To stabilize your portfolio . let me put it another way , You can use perpetual contracts to hedge your position in the spot market . secondly , The contract market allows you to trade in all markets . In bull and bear markets , You can make a profit . Third , With leverage , You can significantly increase profits .
What is the index mechanism of perpetual contracts ?
at present , There are many exchanges in the market , And the index mechanism of perpetual contracts , Generally, the market data of several exchanges with the highest trading volume will be selected , After calculating and weighting, we can get our own index price .
Perpetual contracts operated by different exchanges , The index components and weight components used in the index mechanism will also be different .

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