Renice red wine conference was successfully held, and worked together with NGK public chain to cultivate a new ecology in the field of red wine

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renice red wine conference successfully

California time 4 month 25 Famous winery in Japan Renice The red wine press conference was successfully held . According to live media reports , The atmosphere was very warm , Many companies in the wine industry and Renice Winery cooperation related enterprises also attended the conference . meanwhile , covenant VIP representative 、NGK Members of the Lingshi team were also invited to attend .

according to the understanding of , This press conference is based on “NGK+ red wine ” The theme of , The purpose is to discuss with you under the blockchain boom , The impact on the wine industry .

 Renice The red wine press conference was successfully held , And NGK Public chains work together to create a new ecosystem in the field of red wine

Renice Winery spokesman Kevin Express , In the global arena , Red wine is very popular . Many wine lovers not only like tasting wine , I also like collecting red wine . Because in their eyes , Red wine is like a baby , It's their friend . However , With the wide range of red wine sales , Many unscrupulous businesses have also turned their attention to this field . They're producing 、 Making fake in sales , Not only caused serious economic losses to wine lovers , It may also cause physical harm to wine lovers . Because of that , Many wine lovers dare not taste red wine at will 、 Collect red wine .

Because of the decline in red wine sales , It also brought some economic losses to many wine merchants . If at this time , There can be a technology , Change the status quo , Just fine .

and NGK The emergence of the public chain , timely .NGK The product traceability system of the public chain can be used for the production of red wine 、 circulation 、 Consumption and so on , The realization of the product can be found , Go where you can go , All round transparent development with accountability , Better prevention of the production of fake red wine , To provide consumers with a quality shopping experience .

so to speak ,NGK The emergence of the public chain , It brings hope to wine manufacturers and wine lovers , Also put an end to the occurrence of illegal things , Put an end to counterfeiting and selling .

Kevin His speech brought confidence to other wine manufacturers at the press conference , It also expresses the expectation to be able to communicate with NGK The public chain should strengthen cooperation , We are committed to the safety construction in the field of red wine .

Besides , Star Alliance team Hannah White Express , future ,NGK The public chain will also issue red wine related tokens , Every consumer can buy Renice The red wine of the winery gets special token . With these tokens , Consumers can choose to continue to use this token to buy red wine , Or choose to participate in the management of winery with money . meanwhile , These special tokens will also go online NGKEX, Participate in secondary market circulation , Can be used for short-term trading .

After the press conference ,Renice Winery and NGK The public chain also signed the agreement on token issuance 、 On chain governance, etc . meanwhile ,NGK The public chain has also signed agreements with representatives of other industrial companies on the landing of the company , Committed to promoting the construction of digital industry , Strengthen industrial safety management .

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