Come to NGK public chain and open a new wealth story

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come ngk public chain open

This year's blockchain industry's hot chicken , Whether it's fecoin still DEFI Mining of all kinds represents a surge . After all YFI 12000 Times the return of mining is the existence that everyone can't ignore ,, So mining means getting on the fast train of wealth , Nature affects the sensitive nerves of all people .


NGK As the current star project , Very popular with investors . Its To build the After the mining boom has gradually died out, mining projects have set off another round of mining boom in the field of blockchain , A large number of users are NGK Creating new wealth stories .


NGK The public chain will seize the first mine , The choice of assets is unique


NGK The public chain will seize the first mine , Break up the big money holders , Eliminate potential selling pressure , The rise of currency price will increase the difficulty of promotion , And as mining continues , Mining becomes more difficult ,NGK It's going to be harder and harder to get . meanwhile NGK The public chain ensures that the user can go in and out as soon as possible , Support pledge mining , The settlement rules of ore pool , Open and transparent ; All rules are written on the chain through smart contracts .

Mining ecology :DEFI Liquidity pledge mining


BTC My success is the best illustration . Unique in design , At the same time, it is an automatic digital network system , After ten years of experience ,BTC It has developed into a product with a market value of 200 billion dollars . It goes without saying ,NGK Public chain The same is true , More Than This , stay DeFi The rise of concepts When , in order to Give Way NGK The public chain is once again full of new vitality ,NGK Public chain implant DEFI Liquidity mining project Baccarat, Make a thousand times more money BGV, Mining industry ushered in a new era .


Powerful NGK Autonomous Communities


NGK Public chain Ecology belongs to global community autonomy , flat 、 Autonomy . All communities have the right to claim NGK Public chained Ecological development , Give full play to our own advantages , combination NGK Pass card , Build together NGK ecology .NGK Ecological development promotes community development , meanwhile agency District yes NGK The best proof of the heat of the project . According to the third party statistics , since NGK Since the mining project went online ,NGK Mining community discussion heat presents a straight upward trend , In addition to the official, all kinds of NGK Social groups with themes 、 Community 、 Online sharing can be as much as over a thousand individual , This heat and cohesion is NGK Ecological follow-up development Enough fuel .


Sufficient market work continues to ignite market enthusiasm


Besides the self propagation effect of the community ,NGK I am also for NGK Mining projects Do enough marketing work .NGK The community syncs every day NGK dig Related reports 、 The rules 、 as well as dig Progress messages As many as Thousands of them , At the same time, all kinds of media reports emerge one after another , Under the joint efforts of many parties , by NGK dig We've got enough performance , For now The tuyere effect has been formed ,NGK It's the thousand fold myth you want .

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