You've been pushed back by defi mining? Let's try NGK public chain mining!

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ve pushed defi mining let

The last two years , Mining is very hot , In especial DeFi dig , The heat has not yet abated . In particular, many large businesses have benefited a lot there , Many small retail investors are also very greedy . However , Many retail investors are not waiting to enter DeFi market , I've been dissuaded .


At present, retail investors are DeFi There are no more than these reasons , Xiao Bian made the following summary :


One is Gas The cost is high , Most of the current DeFi The projects are all based on the Ethereum protocol , It produces Gas The cost is quite high . Especially when a user makes a complicated transaction , The cost of Gas It could cost hundreds of dollars !


Second, network congestion , Except for the high Gas Beyond expenses , And the problem of network congestion is also a headache for users . Originally, I entered with the mentality of making money , But because of a long time of network congestion disturbed the mood . therefore , Many users are fleeing , Want to find a more suitable place for mining .


Actually , all the time ,NGK Public chain is a good choice .NGK Public chain is a leader in the emerging field of blockchain , Its top technological advantages are widely recognized by ecological builders and even institutions . The main thing is , Its ecological layout is reasonable , Clear target .


At present ,NGK Public chain in DeFi、DAPP、 Computing power and DEX There is layout in the field , Especially the ecological builders who want to mine , It's quite possible to go through Baccarat Get into DeFi Market participation in mining , And get BGV. in addition to , Ecological builders can also buy NGK Calculate the force , Get into NGK The public chain computing power market participates in the computing power ecology “ Star Project ” Construction , Participate in the mining of computing power , Get star coin SPC As well as the high times VAST. perhaps , Ecological builders can also participate in NGK Public chained DAPP“ Call hippo ” dig , Get native tokens NGK.


Simply speaking , Now the ecological builders pass NGK There are three main channels for public chain mining : The first is DeFi dig , obtain BGV The coin ; The second one is computational mining , obtain SPC Coins and VAST The coin ; The third is DAPP dig , obtain NGK The coin .

Mining channels are different , There are also different types of token rewards , Of course , The future benefits are also different .


At the moment , Every digital token has a lot of room to go up . however , There are some differences between them .


First , In terms of scarcity ,BGV And VAST It's even scarcer , So the future may be worth more than NGK higher ;


secondly , In terms of attributes ,SPC And VAST They all belong to alchemy , about NGK For the whole market construction and development of public chain , Very important , So the future value of the two is also immeasurable ;


Last , In terms of circulation ,NGK As the original token of the public chain , The future will apply to DAPP In the shopping mall , So it's more liquid , The future also has a high value space .


So , What kind of channel do users want to mine through , It depends on your choice . and NGK What the public chain can do , Is to provide users with a security 、 Stable 、 Multi channel mining platform with good profitability , Let more retail investors enter .

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