Analysis on the mining principle of NGK public chain and the income of miners

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analysis mining principle ngk public

With The total amount of computing power sold in the whole network has increased significantly ,NGK The public chain computing power market is also becoming more and more hot , More and more ecological builders are involved in NGK In the mining of public chain . obviously ,NGK Public chain dig already Become a popular project .

today , Xiaobian will take you to understand once NGK Public chained Mining principle And the miners' earnings .

1、NGK Public chain How mining works

Now there are two main types of mining , One is mining machine , A miner is a real miner in a mine ; The other is cloud computing power mining , Miners are participants in promoting public chain projects and maintaining their effectiveness .

In the traditional cloud computing power mining public chain project , Most of them are based on POW or POS Based on the consensus mechanism , However, there are some drawbacks in these two consensus mechanisms , Especially in terms of network performance , We have to urge some public chains to improve their mechanisms . however , In the process of improvement , There is often a question of whether a consensus of interests can be reached between technology development and miners , If the agreement changes , There are differences between communities , It will lead to bifurcation , For example, the bifurcations caused by the expansion of bitcoin .

To avoid this risk ,NGK What the public chain takes is DPOSS Consensus mechanism . Because of the fairness and transparency of the mechanism , And the stability of network platform performance , This enables miners to be stable in NGK Working on the public chain , And there's no need for consensus differences .

The user is in NGK The public chain only needs to configure the corresponding data in its own digital asset contract , For example, the district The pattern of block chain 、 Block size 、 Consensus mechanism 、 Mining mode and so on , And deposit a certain amount of NGK Public chain pass , Then the miners will find the need , If the miners feel the benefits are right , It will switch some computing power to generate the side chain to support the blockchain of the project , earn NGK Public chain token and corresponding digital assets ; If the miners find it uneconomic to support the digital asset , It's going to get rid of that digital asset .




2、 Miners' profits

Every NGK Miners in the public chain will get certain rewards , There are two main types , One is the power reward ; The other is mining reward .

  1. Calculation reward

every last NGK The miners on the public chain have a related computing power value in the network , This value is proportional to the spatial contribution , And decide whether to exploit the block at each stage . By mining blocks ,NGK Miners in the public chain get “ Block rewards ” And charge for the message contained in the block .

Besides ,NGK Miners in the public chain will submit storage certificates to the chain on a regular basis . such , They can get storage fees from the customers they deal with  .

  1. Mining rewards

In addition to the power bonus ,NGK Miners in the public chain can also get mining rewards . There are two main kinds of , One is storage rewards , The storage cost mainly comes from the regular payment by the customer after the transaction is concluded . The other is token reward , such as NGK The coin . In order to encourage miners to actively participate in mining ,NGK The public chain will reward the miners a certain amount of NGK The coin , Miners get NGK The token can be sold in the secondary market in the future , You can also choose to hold it for a long time .

3、 summary

Compared with the traditional form of mining , It can be seen that ,NGK Public chain mining really has many advantages , Whether it's for ecological builders , Or for these active miners . so to speak , With the support of miners and ecological builders ,NGK Public chain mining will also develop better and better .


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