SEC members released the latest proposal to allow encryption projects to raise funds and develop decentralized networks

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sec members released latest proposal

According to the latest news , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Member of the 、「 Encrypt mom 」Hester Peirce Officially announced her proposed safe harbor version of token sales regulation .Peirce In a public statement , It takes three years for the encryption project team to determine whether their tokens are securities 、 Does it represent an investment contract 、 Or completely belong to 「 Other products 」.V|IPFS_KF818

Under certain conditions , They can facilitate participation and development of functional or decentralized networks , Exempt from federal securities law registration Provisions . Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) We've been adjusting our solutions , Hester · Pierce's view on the early stage 「 Safe harbor 」 The proposal makes three important changes , They are as follows :

  1. Encryption projects need to report half yearly updates to regulators , The project party must provide a functional block browser , So that the public can see the deal transparently .
  2. First introduction 「 Exit report 」 Mechanism , Ask the encryption project party to clarify the situation after the end of the three-year period , And the external lawyer will examine and judge whether the token belongs to securities .

3、 Make sure the team that created the token has enough 「 power 」 To change the token price , Or theirs 「 Internal information 」 Is it possible to influence the public's perception of tokens .

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