Filecoin official: fip-0014 proposal has been officially launched

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filecoin official fip-0014 fip proposal

Previous proposals that voted in the community FIP-0014 At present, the main network has been officially installed . The proposal is mainly aimed at the previous 11 month 27 A few days ago, after the network upgrade V1 Optimization of non renewable sectors .V|IPFS_KF818

FIP-0014 The proposal allows V1 The sector extends to 540 God . That is to say 2020 year 11 month 27 Japanese system version v1.2.0 Pre encapsulated sectors ( Use before network upgrade V1 Prove the sealed sector ), The sector life cycle can be extended to 540 God , It contains the number of days that have been run .

According to the official team member release in Slack According to the news , In the previous vote on the proposal , There are more than 98% Of the storage miners agreed to the proposal , For this point , The original interstellar community has reported in previous information .

FIP-0014 The background of the proposal

Simply understand ,Lotus v1.2.0 The sectors encapsulated before version upgrade are non renewable sectors ,Filecoin The network sector life cycle can be set to 180-540 Any value between days . For example , If the non renewable sector life cycle is set to 180 God ,180 The life cycle of the sector automatically ends after the expiration of days , Non renewable .FIP-0014 It is proposed to allow the non renewable sector to be extended to 540 Day's proposal .

The vote on this proposal is Filecoin The first community voting campaign since the independent online line , In total, more than 1.22 EiB Total network storage capacity , It accounts for more than one third of the total storage capacity of the network . The voting campaign marks Filecoin The community has the ability of community autonomy , It makes the future better Filecoin Community governance becomes possible .

that V1 Sector and later V1.1 What's the difference between sectors ?V1 Sector means 2020 year 11 month 24 The sectors that were encapsulated before , According to the previous network mechanism, it can't be renewed , Because the main network was just online at that time , There are security risks in the sector encapsulated in this part , At that time, for the sake of the future security of the network, the sector was not allowed to be renewed . But what the authorities didn't expect was that the miners were very active in participating , The amount of labor and physical strength that led to the increase of miners during this period is huge , If there is no delay , After the sector is expired, the network storage space will be greatly reduced , And put it off until 540 After heaven , When the Filecoin Computing power space has increased dramatically , The impact on the network will be reduced , This is a FIP-0014 The background of the proposal .

and V1.1 A sector , namely 2020 year 11 month 24 Future sectors can be renewed , And can be renewed more than once , The longest time is as long as 5 year .

FIP-0014 The impact of the proposal

according to Filecoin Network mechanism of , In order to obtain computing power, we need to encapsulate sectors and continue to complete spatiotemporal proof , In the process, the miner will consume pledge money and Gas fee , Based on the current cost of computing power growth and currency price , This is not a small expenditure . So for the miners, I'm sure they hope the sector can be renewed , Can save a lot of money , about Filecoin For the network, it also avoids the huge drop of storage computing power . This proposal's reality , To a certain extent, it avoids the unstable factors of the network , hu 、 It's good for easing network congestion .

The proposal was put forward 、 Through to the final real loading are fully listen to the views of the miners , On the premise of balancing the interests of various parties, the government made appropriate adjustments . All these measures show that Filecoin The government has heard about the operation of the network, starting from a long-term goal , Push Filecoin The long-term development of Ecology .

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