With the reduction of filecoin production, will the price of fil currency soar in April?

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reduction filecoin production price fil

Filecoin Suddenly it's in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value , Although the time is short , But it points to its potential , Because it's driven by Chinese communities .V    zhang228289

Filecoin(FIL) It is one of the most prominent currencies in the storage field of cryptocurrency . In the past month ,FIL The price and market value of the company soared to a new high .4 month 1 Japan , The currency reaches 233.68 dollar , And break into the top ten cryptocurrencies by market value .

Filecoin It's a decentralized cloud data storage network , It allows its users to sell their extra storage space on open source platforms to get rewards .Filecoin from Protocol Labs Protocol lab created .

although FIL Stay in the top 10 is short , But it should be noted that ,Filecoin The fully diluted market value has reached 4500 A billion dollar high . This is almost the most recent run of bitcoin 10 God keep it 1 Half of the trillion dollar mark .

In the past 30 In the day ,Filecoin from 42 Trading around the dollar to 184 The transaction price of US dollars , There have been unprecedented 440% About the rise . Although the price has gone from 4 month 1 Japan's all-time high fell about 20%, But its settlement price was before the surge 3 times , It's an incredible feat in itself .

3 month 17 Japan ,FIL The token is again driven by the market . As a benchmark of institutional interest in cryptocurrency , Gray Investment announced that it will invest in new funds in five cryptocurrencies . These tokens are Chainlink Of LINK、Filecoin、Livepeer(LPT)、Basic Attention Token(BAT) and Decentraland(MANA). As a result of this announcement ,FIL The price of 48 It's up in hours 40%, This shows that the community and the whole market have responded positively to this development .

Talking about Filecoin The reason for the interest of the organization is , Cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io Chief marketing officer of Marie Tatibouet Express ." Data is the most valuable commodity today , There's a race going on , To find out what's cheaper 、 More efficient data storage methods ." CrossTower-- Research analyst at a digital asset exchange Martin Gaspar tell Cointelegraph, How much impact does this announcement have on the market .

" According to the grayscale data , By 2021 year 4 month 5 Japan ,Filecoin Trust only has 810 Million dollars in assets . be relative to CoinGecko The most recent 24 Hours 10 In terms of more than 100 million dollars of trading volume , It's a very small amount , This shows that there are other key drivers behind the price rise ."

Gemini Co founder of the exchange Cameron Winklevoss Pointed out that , He told the FIL The price of " Rocket " The rise is not surprising . He thinks that Filecoin The project brings " The amount of network storage capacity " And other core propositions are the main reasons for the rise .Tatibouet I further expressed my views on this , He said ."Bitwise Of 10 Encryption index funds and grayscale have increased FIL, And the ninth city and New Universal All the Filecoin Mining has invested millions of dollars ."

However , There are many different factors at work .

The domestic market for Filecoin Play a decisive role

Domestic encryption reporter Wu said that blockchain is in Twitter Points out , stay FIL The day it reached its highest point in history , Its bulk trading volume comes from China's largest exchange, the fire currency exchange ,24 The hourly trading volume reaches 242 Billion dollars . This volume is almost Ethereum (ETH) And bitcoin (BTC) Three times the volume on the same day .Gaspar Further to .

"Filecoin Very popular in China , Chinese miners have a strong interest in it , They need to put FIL Tokens are pledged as collateral , This leads to a demand for the token . Besides , because BTC and ETH Shortage of mining machinery ,Filecoin Mining seems to be an attractive option for these miners ."

according to CoinGecko Data show that , By 4 month 9 Japan , Fire currency exchange accounts for Filecoin 24 The volume of transactions per hour is close to 40%. This data supports the idea that , to Filecoin The interest is mainly driven by retail investors and miners in China . In China, the hype around this kind of token , It is said that there are even posters in the subway Filecoin.

It's similar to bitcoin in London Soho The phenomenon of putting up posters is similar to , The difference is Filecoin It's obviously an advertisement , The aim is to encourage retail investors to buy the token .V    zhang228289

OKEx Insights( Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx Research team of ) The market analyst of Robbie Liu tell Cointelegraph."Filecoin The market development in China is very strong , Chinese miners account for Filecoin Node 95% above ." China is the global cryptocurrency mining center , It is natural that the market is highly sensitive to the mining economy .Tatibouet To further express , The reason for the high demand is FIL dig " Than BTC and ETH Mining is more affordable ".

There are also unconfirmed reports that , Chinese government officials are encouraging Filecoin dig , Because the distributed cloud storage solution is fully in line with the vision of China's local Internet infrastructure .

Filecoin The future of

Filecoin Another reason for the increase in demand is that the plan is 4 month 15 Daily output reduction . about FIL Changes in the economics of supply and demand ,Liu Think :"FIL The price surge is mainly 4 month 15 It is caused by the speculation before the Japanese production reduction . At present, the agreement is released every day 64.8 copies FIL, but 4 month 15 After the day , Production will be reduced to 36.5 copies FIL/ God ."

therefore , stay 4 month 15 Japan releases a simple agreement for future tokens in the middle of the year ,FIL Our daily output will be reduced 43.2%. As of press time ,FIL The circulation supply of is 6533 Ten thousand tokens , The maximum supply is 20 Hundred million dollars . Such a significant reduction in daily production may lead to a perception of the scarcity of the token , In turn, retail investors and miners buy more money , Against the coming FIL The plan for the daily influx is reduced .

FIL Another interesting feature of the token economy rule is that it has a built-in mechanism , Miners have to buy more FIL Only token can dig more cryptocurrency , So is it Filecoin The utility and governance token of ecosystem . This mechanism encourages token holders by providing them with more mining power , prevent FIL Being sold off in the open market .

Filecoin The nature of the product makes it similar to Google 、 Amazon's online services compete directly with technology giants such as Alibaba's products . because Filecoin It's an open network based on blockchain , Data storage is not tamperable , The amount of storage it can access is theoretically unlimited .

However, it should be noted that , Amazon 、 The services of Google and other technology giants are very mature , Start with cloud storage and computing as services , It's always meeting the needs of retail and institutions .Liu Think , Now say Filecoin It's too early to compete with the giants , He added :

" Although the outlook remains optimistic , But institutional solutions rely on more than just storage space . Need operational management and technical support , Fully hosting its services in the cloud ."

Gaspar And explained Filecoin What you need to think about before your team really starts competing with industry leaders in this field ."Filecoin Will need to make sure its network stays online , Files are securely stored and accessed , And ensure that the risk and cost of storing data on it is lower than centralized storage solutions ."  V      zhang228289

although FIL It remains to be seen how the demand for tokens will continue after the planned production reduction , But it's clear , because Filecoin A practical application case of , The rise in price and market value corresponds to the growth period of the project and its products , The competition of its products in the market , Dominated by enterprises with almost unlimited resources .

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