Ngkex: a real DEX platform for chain governance

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ngkex real dex platform chain

DeFi It's like a stone , Its rise rippled the blockchain . Now , This little ripple has already set off a storm , and This wave It is from DEX Pushing .


  • DEX In a period of rapid development


According to the latest data display , stay In the last year ,DEX The total amount of transactions reached 3550 Billion dollars , among , The first half of this year 3 month The total number of transactions The sum breaks through 2000 Billion dollars , contrast 2019 Years and 2020 year Of Same period data ,2021 year DEX field present Out Exponential growth trend .


DEX The big bang of the war came from DeFi The continuous growth of ecology , It also comes from Uniswap、NGKEX And the success of the decentralized exchange model , The wealth effect it brings stay Certain extent On Hit CEX Of rule status , In especial Distinctive AMM Automatically turn The success of market maker mechanism and liquidity mining mode , To the public It proves that its innovation is can Great value .


NGKEX Abandoning the traditional order book model , Improve the effective utilization of funds , It is associated with CEX The difference between , It is mainly reflected in the two dimensions of technology and governance . From the technical dimension Speaking of ,NGKEX It's a blockchain based DAPP, Through smart contracts , Realize two modules of asset management and transaction . From the perspective of governance Speaking of ,NGKEX It's a community driven 、 Open 、 Decentralized organizations with highly decentralized rights and obligations .


  • Fleeting wealth opportunities


At present ,NGKEX At high speed Stage , Even though Based on the market value of traditional centralized exchanges ,NGKEX Still in its infancy , But in general DEX field ,NGKEX In terms of development space and value, it is immeasurable . however , From the current volume ,NGKEX It's relatively small , Ecological builders Participate in the liquidity investment of the project as early as possible , then Be able to get more stable and more Sustained revenue . Good morning! Early entry NGKEX, You can be early Good morning! Take advantage of , If you had Missed BGVSPC as well as VAST Mining and airdrop , that This time, You can't miss it any more NGKEX.


At present ,NGKEX In addition to supporting currency transactions 、OTC Trading, etc , Also support NGK The transaction of mainstream digital currency on the public chain , Ecological builders have made early arrangements , Can make a profit early . also , future ,NGKEX There will also be a platform governance token , Early entry NGKEX The ecological builders of the market can get the governance token early .


After getting the platform governance token , You will get :


  1. The right to participate Holding governance tokens Of User The participation weight is definitely higher than that of ordinary users , Currency holder Bring your own aura to give it more weight in the community ,


  1. Decision making power In determining the future direction of community development , Will also have a higher voice , Can participate in the early development of the project more deeply ,


  1. Usufruct Governance token also has value space , The sooner you get the governance token , The more likely you are to get More dividends , enjoy Token price increases Revenue generated .


NGKEX It's proven to be highly market-oriented trading platform , When NGKEX Day trading The amount Can be benchmarked Uniswap Time of day , So early Ecological builders involved in the market You can imagine how many times their return on investment will be , So stand on DEX On the tuyere of , It's too late to get on the bus , The next chain myth is you !

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