Why do more and more people in the currency circle choose to build a perpetual contract exchange?

people currency circle choose build

2021 Since then , Bitcoin futures market is changing the trading pattern of cryptocurrency , this paper MYY1003G Organize and release , Only as a reference for project requirements ! Unlimited profit space , For contract players, it can be said that they are thinking of heaven and hell . Even though the deal is crazy , But still with its strong attraction, many digital currency investors are eager to try . Contract trading has also become a new battleground for exchanges , It brings new opportunities to professional contract exchanges , It's also creating new business opportunities .
In the currency circle , Contractual transactions , It is often compared with the myth of overnight wealth . After all, the use of leverage in contract trading is small and broad , You can enlarge the principal , It can also reduce the risk and profit to several times 、 Dozens or even hundreds of times , It is not allowed to keep a low profile in the currency circle .
Contract transactions as digital currency derivatives , Investors judge the rise and fall according to the situation , Choose to buy long or sell short contracts to get the price rise of digital currency / Declining earnings , There are two types of currency circle contract transactions : Delivery contracts and perpetual contracts .
Leverage is no stranger in contract trading , It means magnification . For delivery contract leverage , The choice of multiples is relatively small , So delivery contracts are more suitable for miners or some hedging investors . For perpetual contract leverage , There are many choices , More risky and speculative .
Let's see what leveraged trading means :
Leverage trading is to enlarge the principal several times , Make bigger investments with smaller funds , To achieve small and broad , Double the revenue . But at the same time, we must bear the risk of doubling the loss that may be caused . Rational use of leveraged Trading , Not only can we gain multiple benefits by doing long in a bull market , And you can make money by shorting in a bear market .
As a new type of contract, the perpetual contract , Its biggest feature , There is no delivery date , Automatically add . Contract with the week 、 Quarterly contracts are different , Whether you lose money or not , On the delivery day , The platform forces you to close your position . And perpetual contracts , yes 24 Hour cycle , Every afternoon 5 Point settlement , No user action is required after expiration , Automatically renew the contract . Besides convenience , The handling fee of perpetual contract is relatively cheap , This aspect also attracted some users to participate in .

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