Using blockchain to solve the problem of seafood traceability

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using blockchain solve problem seafood

Before we solve this problem , Let's take a look at how the current seafood purchasing and sales process works .

1. Fishermen catch seafood

2. Seafood is transported to the dock

3. Marking seafood ( At present, it is usually a two-dimensional code mark )

4. Spread seafood to wholesale and retail markets through supplier network

5. Customers buy seafood from the retail market

6. Users can query the authenticity of seafood from the QR code on seafood products


From the above process we can see that , From 2 Step to step 4 There may be a process of fraud in every step , This also leads to the fact that the wild seafood purchased from a certain place may be purchased from the breeding place , It could also be from other regions , There are many loopholes in the whole process , Some shoddy sales activities may affect the image of seafood brands .

How to use blockchain? How to solve this problem ? We might as well refer to the following process .

1. Fishermen catch seafood at sea

2. Fishermen mark seafood on fishing boats ( Using Internet of things sensors Sensor Mark , Record the capture time / Capture area / The total number of catches )

3. Fishermen transport seafood to the dock .

4. Seafood is transported to retail networks all over the country through the supplier network .

5. Customers buy seafood from the seafood market

6. Users query the source of seafood ( Capture time / Transportation routes / Retail network )


On the face of it , It seems that an intelligent Internet of things sensor solves the process of seafood traceability and authenticity verification , But it's actually because data is stored using blockchain , In this way, users can't tamper with any link in the whole process from seafood production to dining table , So as to achieve the real fresh seafood products .




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