Introduction to blockchain exchange

introduction blockchain exchange
exchange , Trading is obviously a place of trading , Blockchain exchange is different from other exchanges in that it trades virtual currency instead of physical currency . But in essence, it's all about trading and exchanging goods .
The data of exchange ranking is based on the number of views (20%)、 Don't repeat the number of visitors (15%)、 Jump out rate (10%)、 Time spent on site (5%)、 Relative ranking (25%)、 Keyword search (25%).
Exchange rating dimension :
Team dimension : Look at the founding team of the exchange 、 Investment institutions and operating time . The founding team decides the rules of the exchange 、 Strategic layout and operational capabilities ; The investment institutions reflect the recognition of the founding team and the credit endorsement and resource support provided to the exchange ; And the operation time is the proof of the experience accumulation and operation strength of the exchange .
Technology dimension : Examine the system stability and capital security of the exchange , Among them, capital security is the most basic guarantee to provide transaction services for users , It's also one of the important factors to win the trust of users ; The stability of the system reflects the maintenance of the exchange's website 、 High concurrency 、 Technical strength in terms of deal matching, etc , And then affect the friendliness of the user experience .
Community dimension : Look at the exchange's twitter、telegram And other common media attention to the number and interaction, as well as the website UV Average daily visits , This dimension can reflect the degree of attention and favor of the exchange by users , At the same time, the popularity of the exchange community can also affect the number of trading users .
Transaction dimension : Examine the quality of the currency on the exchange 、 Currency richness 、 Trading liquidity and the proportion of trading volume . The trading dimension is the most important dimension in the rating of an exchange , It's the service core of the exchange ; in fact , The first three dimensions of exchange rating also pave the way for the trading dimension . among , The quality of online currency reflects the threshold of the exchange in selecting online currency , On the premise of providing high quality currency, we should try our best to improve the currency richness , Give users a variety of investment options ; And transaction liquidity affects whether the trading currency is smooth ; in addition , From the proportion of trading volume , We can see whether the total trading volume distribution of the exchange is too concentrated .
The exchange rankings are changing very fast , So how to attract users becomes the key to stay on the list . Only by improving the function , Only by becoming bigger and stronger can we thrive in this ranking . Let's take a look at some of the better blockchain exchanges at present .
Currency security
brief introduction : Yuan'an trading platform was established by Zhao CHANGPENG (CZ) Led by a group of digital asset enthusiasts to create a trading platform focusing on blockchain assets . Provide users with more security 、 Convenient blockchain asset exchange service , Aggregate global quality blockchain assets , Committed to building a world-class blockchain asset trading platform .
advantage : Low commission 、 At present, we support 250+ The deal is right
B network (Bittrex)
brief introduction :Bittrex Built on 2015 year , It's the bitcoin exchange in the United States , Support 200 Multiple deals for ,Bitterex The team members are from Microsoft 、 Amazon 、Qualys And blackberry and other big companies , Have more than 50 More than years of professional safety and development experience . The daily turnover amounts to tens of billions of RMB , There are a lot of Chinese players in B network .
advantage : A huge user base accumulated over the years 、 With multiple trading pairs 、 The new currency will go online soon
brief introduction : Headquartered in Hong Kong, China ,Bitfinex It's the biggest in the world 、 One of the most advanced bitcoin trading platforms , Support Ethereum 、 The currency 、 Wright coin 、 Etheric classic and other virtual currency transactions , The volume of business every day reaches 30 More than 100 million RMB . Provide currency transactions , Dollar to dollar transactions , At present, we support 60 Multiple trading is good for . Registration is very simple .2016 year ,Bitfinex There are about 12 Ten thousand bitcoins stolen through social media . Affected by this incident , At that time, the price of bitcoin fell 20%.
advantage : Support dollar trading 、 Various forms and functions of transaction
Kraken(K network )
brief introduction : Headquartered in San Francisco Kraken Founded on 2011 year , It's the biggest bitcoin exchange in the euro , Canadian dollars can also be used 、 dollar 、 The pound and yen trade . At present, we support 40 Multi mainstream token trading for .Kraken Has been rated as the best and safest bitcoin exchange by independent news media .Kraken It's the first bitcoin exchange to display trading prices and volumes on Bloomberg terminals , The first audit of foreign exchange reserves that has passed encryption verification , Is the partner of the first cryptocurrency bank .
advantage : The transaction fee is reasonable 、 The withdrawal fee is lower 、 High degree of Globalization
Choose the exchange's recommendations
Investors should experience at least three exchanges with relatively good reputation , Not for moving bricks , It's about giving yourself a chance to screen exchanges . From the stability of the exchange's website 、 Is recharge withdrawal fast 、 Whether the trading experience is smooth 、 Whether the problem is solved in time and so on , Only after personal experience , Only in this way can we clearly understand which is better , Finally choose the relatively good exchange in your mind . For investors , There's no need to stick to a less experienced exchange , It's like choosing a broker to trade stocks , Investors will naturally choose exchanges with good services . Familiar with the style of each exchange , Choose different exchanges according to different needs . For example, investors with large amount of capital should choose exchanges with large trading volume and good liquidity of trading currency ; If investors have the ability to identify whether the new currency is of high quality , You can focus on exchanges with a large number of new currencies , But please pay attention to the risk of large price fluctuation in the short term when the new currency goes online .
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