Don't be too rigid to wear in early spring. Apply the folding method of shirt and high collar flexibly

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don rigid wear early spring.

Fashion is changeable , It's also pluralistic . The trend of fashion is always different every year , But it's always in every season . Flexible use of shirts + It's the lapel of high collar , Fashion is not “ capture an enemy easily ” Do you ? Some girls don't wear too rigid in early spring , Only when the fashion is not fixed can it extend a different charm .

White shirt is the most common item in the workplace , We used to look at the workplace lady Wear a white shirt , I always feel like a city beauty . But now look at the traditional white shirt , It's monotonous , And it's not suitable for everyday wear .

So the relatively soft fabric and the loose version of the white shirt , Now it's a hot fashion item , In early spring , Fold through the earth color high collar , There's no earthy feeling . Plus the help of the half length polka dot skirt , grace style On line every minute .

Maybe some girls think the pure white shirt is a little transparent , When the cold comes , It doesn't work against the wind , Let's start with the fabric , Thick frock shirt , Not only practical, but also handsome , Pair it with a bright base coat , It's also a solution to boredom . It's fashionable to wear simple colors , You don't “ Gild the lily ” 了 .

For the matching of shirts , Don't be too rigid in early spring . Combined with a soft and elegant dress , The shirt has become a different existence . The combination of different colors , Not only is there no sense of contrast , And the collision was perfect . Don't put away your overcoat ,“ pollen ” When , Echo with a pair of high-heeled boots of the same color , The overall shape is very rich .

There are so many fashionable shirts , It's impossible for everyone to like the same . Some of them are introverted , Quiet girl , It's the choice of mature wind . But spring is a colorful season after all , Occasionally mixed with some Morandi colors , It can also add a touch of tenderness . Also don't say , Intellectual women like this kind of simple and mature charm . Put on a pair of black rimmed glasses , The image of the female elite in the workplace .

It's not hard to fold , It's not easy to say that , How to use the shirt flexibly + It's the lapel of high collar , That's what we need to master in this early spring . stay Sanming post station According to Xiaobian , No matter what it's like , As long as it's folded , Color must have contrast , Otherwise, there is no sense of hierarchy . At the same time, we need to use the high waist line to create , To highlight height .

It's more casual to wear the shirt directly , However, fashionistas often use the method of dressing to enhance the sense of style . Like the front Cape , Especially the little ones , There's no good proportion , It's still a little difficult to show the height . So master some practical and convenient wearing skills , It's also very good . After all, fashion is about integration “ Xiaoqiaosi ”, This is the best way to make the most of the visual effect .

I have mastered the skills , You're afraid it's not fashionable enough ? Even if it's an ordinary piece , After skillful collocation , Instant texture upgrade . It's not like wearing a hundred yuan dress for a thousand yuan , The key is to be able to wear . Especially the girls who don't have enough temperament , We should learn how to dress , To make people look at you with new eyes .

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