Bitcoin consensus is increasing. How far is it from $100000?

bitcoin consensus increasing. increasing far

BTC Market trend chart of the past month , from 45000 dollar 、55000 dollar 、 To the top 61800 dollar ,BTC Keep going up like a bolt , Now we have stepped steadily on 55000 Above the dollar . A month's surge is nearly 10000 Many dollars ,BTC This wave of market is so fierce that people don't know what to do .

Why can bitcoin go up to $100000 ? Let's talk about money first , We all know that currencies around the world are actually devaluing . There are authoritative institutions to calculate , current 1 dollar , About the same as at that time 5-7 cents . Although the dollar is by far the strongest currency in the world , But its depreciation rate is also close to 20 times . To make sure a country's currency is strong , It needs strong economic power , Military power , The governance capacity of the country . But the stronger dollar , Still unable to stop the trend of devaluation , And the RMB trend is even more unstoppable , Because we have not made much improvement in the three necessary conditions for slowing down the devaluation of the local currency . The next 30 years , Analysts believe that the rate of depreciation will only continue to increase, not decrease .

One more primary school math problem , current 100 ten thousand , Thirty years later it became 2.55 Billion , So how much money do you earn per year on average ? need 850 Over a year . When your father's family had 1 Ten thousand dollars in savings , It's a million dollar household with a lot of pressure , You told him to have in 30 years 255 Wan is the middle class family , He has to earn every year 8 ten thousand 5 Only a thousand yuan can catch up with the wealth value of middle-class families , He might be paralyzed , No matter how hard we shout, we can't call him .

however , A lot of people make so much or even more money , It not only catches up with the wealth value of middle-class families, but also far exceeds . But a lot of people have found out , The money in this society is getting poorer and poorer , Still working hard every year , It's just that the more money you make, the less money you have . Click on me to join , Free experience of digging money

Back to bitcoin , According to the latest data from the authority , The net position of bitcoin miners has turned positive again , It is of great significance that the net position of bitcoin miners turns positive again , And it's continuous 4 The weather is maintained at 0 Above the axis , There was a brief return to 0 Above the axis , It shows that bitcoin miners are accumulating bitcoin , It's a bullish indicator , Because re accumulation means miners are keen to invest in . information , I think the value of bitcoin will improve in the near future . It's the last time the miners have been accumulating in this range 2020 year 12 month , at that time , Bitcoin prices from 20000 Double the dollar to 40000 dollar .

JPMorgan recently raised its long-term outlook for the bitcoin to 13 Thousands of dollars , The reason is that there is an increasing variety of institutional traders , Lower volatility . Besides , Gold's performance is still significantly lower than bitcoin's .

In fact, I said so much , One thing at a time , Want to make money safely in the currency circle , I'm afraid we have to dig now . It's mine ! Return to the essence . Mining is the most basic foundation of blockchain , And dig . Mining is undoubtedly at the lowest cost , The quickest way is , Not one of them. . dig . Mine fearless boring horizontal continued to cover and up and down trouble , All in all As long as you have the money in hand every day ! And mobile computing power digging . Mining is the only way that the public can also participate in mining your bitcoin and Ethereum !

There is a kind of digging . Mining mode does not need to buy mining machine , Because it provides a leasing platform for mining machines , Users don't have to buy expensive mining machines and look for cheap power resources and mine hosting maintenance , Just rent the computing power of the mine machine to get your own bitcoin and Ethereum , Pick up as you dig and get in and out freely ! At present, the mine is in operation 6 year , It has eight large-scale mines in China 50 Ten thousand mining machines , And the Middle East 120MW The mine continuously outputs bitcoin Ethereum for customers ! Users can visit the mine at any time ! Click on me to join , Free experience of digging money

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