What do you need to have to build a good exchange? It is recommended to keep it

build good exchange recommended

Blockchain is distributed data storage 、 Point to point transmission 、 Consensus mechanism 、 New application mode of computer technology such as encryption algorithm . The so-called consensus mechanism is to build trust among different nodes in the blockchain system 、 A mathematical algorithm for gaining rights . A block , Each block contains a timestamp 、 A random number 、 A reference to the previous block ( That is hash ) And a list of all transactions that have occurred since the last block was generated . This creates a growing blockchain over time , It's constantly updated , So that it can represent the latest status of the bitcoin ledger .
What are the profit ways developed by blockchain exchanges : this paper MYY1003G Organize and release , Only as a reference for project requirements !
1、 New on the new currency : When the platform develops to a certain market, it can connect with the project side of many currencies , They want to trade their digital currencies on exchanges , That is, a certain fee should be charged , It's not cheap for an ordinary exchange .
2、 Service Charge : Fees are the basis of the exchange's profitability , Whether it's the user's impulse , Or a deal 、 Contract buy up buy down and other operations , The platform can charge a certain fee . This part of the fee in the past few years to support many exchanges to the present .
3、 Trading Robot costs . The exchange set up by Yuan Zhongrui can be equipped with corresponding digital currency trading robots , And the parameters are perfect , It can help the project side to manage the market ,K The trend of line depth , This can help the currency side , You can charge yourself .
4. Other models benefit . At present, yuanzhongrui can support the development and addition of various system functions on the market , For example, holding money to earn interest 、IEO Wait a series , You can add... According to the needs of the project side , This part of the benefit is liberalized , With these functions, you can get more benefits , Of course, the layout needs to be gradually arranged according to the project planning .
What should blockchain exchanges have ?
1、 High performance is to ensure that the trading system is continuous and uninterrupted , Any transaction order and its response arrive in order , Something that cannot be lost ; At the same time, the trading system also needs to have fault tolerance function , It can ensure that in the case of a single point of failure in the system , Can continue to run continuously . High performance is under the pressure of large-scale trading instruction flow , The trading system works .
2、 Distributed and memory match . Distributed deployment is to make the system more secure , It can also expand the bearing capacity horizontally . Therefore, the distributed deployment architecture needs to be supported by multiple servers , In the later period, the number of users can be increased again . Memory matching is better than database matching to meet the demand of high transaction in the current market . Memory matching is faster , Effectively increased the matching ability of the exchange system .
3、 For many markets 、 Support for multiple instruction types . The system supports clearly classified transactions on the architecture 、 Liquidation rules , Support for multiple trading models . After introducing a variety of market rules , Support stop loss and market orders including limit orders .

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