Shenzhou information products such as artificial intelligence and blockchain appeared in the 9th China electronic information Expo

shenzhou information products artificial intelligence

In recent days, , The 9th China electronic information Expo ( abbreviation CITE2021) Held in Shenzhen . China information as a green computing industry alliance (GCC) Members of this Expo , show “AI Capabilities and products ”, Arouse concern . meanwhile , Shenzhou information independently developed “ Blockchain technology platform [email protected]” Won the “ Innovation Award of the 9th China electronic information Expo ”.

Chen Rugui, mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's government , Chen Anming, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Provincial People's government , Qiao Yueshan, director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Professor of Peking University 、 Yang Xueshan, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Academician, Chinese academy of engineering 、 Gao Wen, director of Pengcheng laboratory, and other guests attended the opening ceremony of the conference and visited the exhibition hall .

Shenzhou information “ Financial super brain ” Based on Artificial Intelligence 、 big data 、 Cloud computing, blockchain and other underlying technologies , Provide smart marketing 、 Intelligent risk control 、 Intelligent operation and a complete set of AI Capability system , It's enterprise class AI Financial platform solutions , Positioning as the core system of artificial intelligence in financial industry , It is the practice of Shenzhou information for the enabling financial industry “ Financial technology ” The transformation of , Active exploration in core system product development . The product is mainly made up of “AI Development platform ”、“ Perception platform ”、“ Cognitive platform ” Three core modules constitute , Provide a whole set of brain like 、 complex 、 Perceiving the world 、 The ability to recognize the world .

Shenzhou information blockchain technology platform “[email protected]” Based on FISCO BCOS Independent research and development , We are committed to promoting the standardized application of industry blockchain . The solution is based on the blockchain technology platform , The underlying infrastructure 、 Tools and functions of middle layer blockchain technology 、 The diversified products of the upper application are packaged as a whole , Packaged into standardized products for industry applications , With standards 、 Security 、 Consensus 、 flexible 、 Easy to expand 、 Easy integration 、 Easy to deploy 、 Multiple features that can be monitored , It can promote the combination of new blockchain technologies and industry scenarios , Fast application landing .

Shenzhou information blockchain technology platform [email protected], It can be used out of the box , Help industry customers to build chain easily , Including the financial chain 、 Agricultural chain 、 City chain 、 Industrial chain, etc , Strong support for scenario development 、 Ecological construction 、 The development of industrial upgrading . The platform has been launched in many industries , Including the blockchain platform for a large bank , It has been verified in the production system , And successfully selected ISO/TC 307 WG6《 Blockchain and distributed ledger technology standards ( Soliciting opinions )》.

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