What is bitcoin bifurcation? What are the two types?

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bitcoin bifurcation types

The first soft bifurcation .

Optimize and modify the original bitcoin network bug Increase the capacity of the block , For example, change to 2M、4M perhaps 8M、16M, Among them SegWit Lightning network is the mainstream solution , Popular said , It's like a traffic jam on a main road , The development team will build another auxiliary road , Help the main road to divert congestion .

It's a mild solution , It can make the original bitcoin network compatible with the network after soft bifurcation , Tracking network The main transaction of bitcoin is still on the main chain . Of course , Soft bifurcation has disadvantages , That is to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause , Only temporary congestion can be solved , After soft bifurcation , It can only keep the network unobstructed for a few years , It needs to be expanded in the future , It has an impact on the stability of the system .

Another kind of hard bifurcation .

Upgrading the bitcoin system , Completely change the height of the block in the form of code , With bitcoin unlimited For mainstream solutions . Popular said , It's like a traffic jam on a main road , We just abandon this road , Find a place , Make a three-dimensional transportation hub on the ground and underground , New cars go through this transportation system , This system changes the block size of the bitcoin network , Optimize the processing speed of the network .

But hard bifurcations also have disadvantages , It's not compatible with the original bitcoin system , This requires everyone in bitcoin network to support hard bifurcation , If some people don't support hard bifurcation , There will be two versions of bitcoin network , So there are two bitcoins , These two bitcoin blockchains form a competitive relationship , This kind of internal friction will lead to greater price fluctuations , It will lead to uncertainty about the future of bitcoin .

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