An analysis of the development blueprint of NGK

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analysis development blueprint ngk

NGK As a distributed commercial public chain project , We are committed to building a blockchain infrastructure that can serve all types of businesses , also Through high performance Data architecture of , Provide smart contracts and other operating mechanisms , It can meet all kinds of business application scenarios , Provide high performance for distributed business applications on the chain 、 High security 、 High availability of the underlying public chain support .


NGK Born in the tide of blockchain , Technology keeps evolving , Solve problems for developers and users by enriching application scenarios , At the same time, it flourishes and develops on both the supply side and the demand side , Looking forward to the future NGK Also will continue to lead in the public chain competition .


NGK One of our vision is to focus on technology leadership . Based on this background ,NGK More breakthroughs have been made in technology , It is embodied in Innovative DPOSS The consensus mechanism and New blockchain network protocol Other aspects , therefore NGK The main technical advantage is high performance 、 Scalability and security .


at present NGK The technological advantages achieved cannot be underestimated , future NGK It will not replace or exclude other competitors , It's about embracing a little bit and making up for shortcomings , We will continue to achieve technological innovation with an open and inclusive vision , Lay a solid foundation for the commercialization of technological innovation and the provision of solutions for openers and users .

In terms of Ecology ,NGK Actively layout the incubation of blockchain applications , Set up an ecological Fund Meeting , and Build a technology development 、 Application promotion 、 The complete ecological closed loop of trading .NGK The future ecology will be DeFi、NFT、 Parallel advancement in various fields such as games . Actually After the main network goes online ,NGK already Gradually build up a diversified ecosystem of subdivided fields , such as NGK To mine by calculation , Call hippo DAPP game ,NGK Ecological Institute ,NGK Liquidity mining ,NGK The layout of the mall and so on . Rely on high performance NGK Distributed ecology and Ethereum 、 If you compare the ecology of Boca, you can see It has its advantages . Ethereum currently has a complete Ecology , The applications built above are also quite a lot , The disadvantage is that the handling charge is too high , Most people can't experience it right now ; Boca ecology is complete DeFi The public chain of scenes , Have certain competitiveness , But the pace of development is slow , Many projects are still in the state of test network .


For the moment All kinds of Ecology At the stage of development , future NGK also More incentives and support will be given to ecological projects , Through technology to provide 、 Financial and resource support , Vigorously promote the construction of ecological system , Make it Have greater market potential and development space .


NGK As a growth project , Active deployment Ecological development and Community ecology , Now there's data showing that , Its Community in Just over half a year It's an explosive growth , The global community has Hundreds of thousands of Famous fans . These fans Precipitation cannot be separated from the attraction of technological force . future ,NGK The project will continue to grow , Get more and more attention , Destined to be Become a leader in the blockchain industry .

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