How to develop blockchain digital currency

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develop blockchain digital currency

What is a purse ?

A wallet is a tool for storing and using digital money , A coin corresponds to a purse . Used to store currency , perhaps “ transaction ” currency .

What is a cold wallet ?

A cold purse is a purse without Internet connection , It's also called offline wallet . In contrast , A wallet that stays online is a hot wallet .

The advantages of cold wallets

  1. Private key does not touch the Internet , Avoid being stolen by hackers ;
  2. Some cold wallets support rich currencies , Easy to operate .

Development of cold wallet system

  1. High quality service quality : Meet needs quickly , Life long solution to system failure , Handling various errors ;
  2. Flexible system, scalable : Combining digital wallet technology and technology application , The upper application functions can be expanded according to the actual business requirements ;
  3. Interface layer encapsulation design pattern : It can freely switch and connect various data interfaces , Flexible and convenient ;
  4. Flexible and powerful configuration function : Whether it's the reminder function or the model switch configuration function , Can be operated flexibly and freely ;
  5. Rich practical experience : Hundreds of platforms operate in real time , Provide reasonable suggestions for the platform team .


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