The basic steps of the quantization of the automatic coin frying robot

basic steps quantization automatic coin

lately , Quantitative strategy trading robots are hot , In particular, some off the shelf systems are very popular , Now let's talk about some knowledge about the construction of the automatic coin frying robot system .

Through quantitative trading , Investors are greatly reduced because subjectively “ empirical ” Judgement and “ emotional ” The ground impulse makes irrational investment decisions ; At the same time, because of the excellent computing power of computers , Investors can also find investment opportunities more quickly “ law ”.

There are many kinds of quantitative trading , It mainly includes moving bricks across platforms 、 Trend trading 、 hedging 、 Triangle 、 Interphase, etc .

Trend trading focuses on following the trend of the market , Send out sell and buy signals according to trend indicators , Add positions when the trend is up , Reduce your position when the trend goes down , I think this operation can go with the water , Yield twice the result with half the effort .
Hedging refers to two simultaneous transactions related to the market 、 Buy and sell in the opposite direction 、 The quantity is equal to 、 A break even deal , In order to achieve the effect of hedging risk .

Quantitative trading has a high demand for the analysis and mining of big data , And the rapid development of Computer Science , The continuous update and iteration of artificial intelligence , The quantitative strategy is more perfect .

Therefore, it is on this basis that quantitative investment enters into the vision of investors , Efficient models and algorithms , After the constant correction of the market , The big probability of getting closer to the return .

For starters , To help you simplify the investment process is the main task of the quantitative investment robot .

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Quantitative investment robot is a software program , It interacts directly with financial exchanges ( Usually use API Get and interpret relevant information ), And according to the interpretation of market data, we will issue sales orders on your behalf .

Robots don't need people to write their own strategies , There is no need to have a certain code base , Direct choice of investment direction or currency , And then choose the right strategy , One click application , Start the investment journey .

To put it simply, you set the trading strategy on the robot , Robots buy and sell at the right time according to your strategy , To make a profit .

So much about quantification , Do you understand ? That's about it today , I'm Xiao Zhang , You are welcome to disturb See you next time !

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