Virtual currency exchange automatic market making robot - Application Analysis

virtual currency exchange automatic market

I believe many friends in the currency circle have contacted and learned about the exchange , Let's learn about the introduction of quantitative trading system

Blockchain technology can build an efficient and reliable value transmission system , Promoting the Internet as a network infrastructure for building social trust , Realize the effective transmission of value , And call it the value Internet

Blockchain provides a new type of social trust mechanism , It has laid a new foundation for the development of digital economy ,“ Blockchain +” Application of innovation , It shows the new direction of industrial innovation and public service .

Most of the main customers of many quantitative investment products are banks , insurance , private , Mainly hedge funds and a series of investment institutions , Even if it is open to ordinary investors, it will start with millions at least ...

Because of the volatility of the market , Trading robots are becoming more and more popular among traders , Because just write the strategy well , The Trading Robot trades according to the strategy , Investors or traders don't have to keep an eye on them all the time .

Even though traders are sleeping , Robots don't sleep either . Besides , There's another benefit , The robot will strictly enforce the strategy , Faster than manual operation .

Quantitative automatic robot is a full-automatic intelligent quantitative robot , At the same time, it also cooperates with well-known exchanges at home and abroad ZB, Fire money , Currency security ,okex,gate And so on , Compatible with major mainstream platforms , Strive for simultaneous operation of all currencies , Automatic trading , Without human intervention , You can make money automatically , Core intelligent quantization technology + The core algorithm , Cloud big data computing replenishment room

Septum , Track the profits + Tracking Jiancang , Automatic waterfall and other innovative functions ,0.05 One order per second

Virtual currency exchange market making robot | Automatic quantification robot system for currency trading | Blockchain intelligent currency speculation robot

The essence of strategy :

1. Small drop small buy , Big rise and big sale , Don't fall or buy

2. Buy when you fall , Don't fall or buy , The more you fall, the more you buy , I don't buy waterfall

3. No rise, no sale , Keep going up and not selling , When we call back

Value investment and Trend Investment ( Technical analysis ) It's the investment method that led the past century , With the development of computer technology , Integration of existing investment methods and computer technology , There's a quantitative investment .

therefore , In the pace of blockchain leading the new era in the future , Step by step a little bit of customs clearance to understand the knowledge of quantitative strategy system to broaden our horizons


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