Filecoin information: lendmi will soon launch fire coin heco, facing the filecoin ecology

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filecoin information lendmi soon launch

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According to relevant information , oriented Filecoin Ecological lending platform LendMi Upcoming 4 month 12 Japan 14:00(UTC+8) The first line of fire coin ecological chain Heco.LendMi By decentralizing FIL, And for investors to get higher currency standard income .

LendMi By way of FIL Lending to big nodes ( Large ore pool ) With Ensure stable output , And the reward of output will be distributed to investors according to fixed income . In order to ensure the effectiveness of node pledge assets , The community elects big nodes ( High value ), And require the node to pledge the node private key , To guarantee the control of the node .LendMi Will support ETH、BSC And so on , Platform governance will also adopt DAO Form of governance .

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