Getting ready for long-term combat

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getting ready long-term long term

since Filecoin Since the main network went online , No matter what the situation or the occasion is , Protocol lab team members have been emphasizing Filecoin It's a long-term value project , Short term investors are not welcome .V|IPFS_KF818

Filecoin The long-term nature of the network mechanism

from Filecoin In the design of network mechanism , Daily FIL The amount of release is affected by the network baseline , And it fluctuates with the increase of the number of miners and the effective computing power of the whole network . On the whole ,Filecoin Released FIL With the increase in the number of miners involved, single T The output is gradually decreasing .

In order to prevent the existence of speculative miners , Avoid the situation that miners run away after they get profits , The network designs a linear release mechanism , The mining output of the day is in the following 180 Days released . This mechanism greatly limited the early mining output of miners . The opposite is ,Filecoin It also adopts the mechanism of pre pledge . At present, the main network has been online for nearly half a year , According to the latest data of blockchain browser , The current increase 1T The pledge amount of Suanli is 9 About , This caused the miners who dug in the early stage to make ends meet , Productive FIL Be stranded in Filecoin in , The miners were forced to work with Filecoin network building , And the longer you're involved in mining , The more miners put in , The deeper you are bound .

Linear release and pre pledge mechanism are comparable to the existence of super glue , It greatly limits the mobility of miners , It increases the stability of the network , It also stimulates FIL Demand before landing , Forcing miners to prepare for long-term development .

Filecoin The long-term nature of network ecological construction

Talking about Filecoin The development of ecological construction , We have to understand that Filecoin The contribution that ecology can make after landing , What changes will it bring to the current network development .

First , For individuals who are part of the Internet Environment , It can enhance the security and control of personal information . As long as you have smart devices connected to the network , Basically, I've met someone who's been Big data and personalized product recommendation A troubled situation , The reason behind it is that personal data information is mastered by the Internet platform, so as to achieve accurate cutting leek .

When we store personal data in a decentralized distributed storage network Filecoin in , The platform can't get your personal information , While ensuring safety , It also avoids being cut leeks precisely .

secondly , For the current Internet Environment ,Filecoin The birth of the new world will help Web3.0 Coming of age . It can help the decentralized application of blockchain to solve the problem of data storage . The current decentralized applications mainly focus on smart contract finance , The main reason is that it is unable to solve the problem of blockchain storage technology , As a result, related applications cannot be applied on a large scale .Filecoin We can see the possibility of large-scale implementation of decentralized applications in the future .

but The future is good , The future is bumpy , The most important thing is how to take every step of the moment . From the perspective of the development law of blockchain ,Filecoin Still in the early stages of project development —— Storage space growth stage . At the same time, we can also see the official response Filecoin All kinds of efforts for ecological development , But for now ,Filecoin As an infrastructure for decentralized storage , The current focus is to do a good job in storage .

If Filecoin It's just a short-term mining project , There is absolutely no way to settle down and do the hard work of ecological construction . From another point of view , In the last few days FIL When the price reaches a high point, the official moves to lower the price , It shows that protocol lab is not only looking at the immediate benefits .

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