Filecoin will become the guardian of human digital economy

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filecoin guardian human digital economy

recently , For early admission Filecoin It's definitely a carnival feast for investors in China , We have witnessed Filecoin From a month ago 40+ The dollar is up to today's 180 The madness of the dollar , Witness Filecoin The way to realize the value of .V|IPFS_KF818

Filecoin Behind the recognition of value , It's the public right Filecoin Solve the problem of data storage path approval . With the development of Internet technology, the problem of data storage is becoming more and more important . and Filecoin The goal is to preserve human data for a long time , namely “ Create a decentralized environment for human information 、 Efficient and solid foundation ”.

Background of big data development

Internet age , A lot of information is recorded in the form of data , Data has become the main way of information transmission , Various forms of information transmission in the past have been replaced , It has become indispensable in today's society . In the past, the traditional information processing technology was backward , Can't meet efficient production , Big data came into being in this context .

  1. Data streams

All devices will store the same remote repository , Let your digital daily life be completely synchronized , Whenever and wherever possible 、 Seamless transformation of application scenarios .

  1. Recycling of data

The so-called resource recycling refers to that big data becomes a part of the enterprise's strategic resources , Become the resources that various enterprises compete for . For forward-looking enterprises , Make big data marketing plan ahead of time , It is of great significance to occupy the market initiative .

  1. Deep integration with Cloud Computing

Big data is inseparable from cloud processing , Cloud processing provides scalability for big data 、 Scalable infrastructure , It is one of the service platforms that generate big data .

  1. Artificial intelligence technology

AI It's scientific research 、 Develop designs to simulate 、 Broaden and expand the basic theory of human intelligence 、 The way 、 Technology and software system is a promising technology .

  1. Data management methods become the core competitiveness of big data

For the development of enterprises , Data management methods will have an important impact , Become the core competitiveness . With the popularity of big data , Enterprises have a clearer definition of data management methods , It will also become the core competitiveness of data , Become the focus of data management .

No matter from what angle, we can clearly perceive that data will become one of the important leading factors in the development of enterprises in the future , It's going to be one of our core competencies .

Filecoin: Real estate data

Why is there such a metaphor . If you compare data to an individual , that Filecoin It's the platform for data storage , And the platforms that store the data are distributed in all countries around the world , It's like houses all over the place . and Filecoin Each file can be encoded independently , It's like everyone in the house who has an independent identity .Filecoin Have the ability to make every document realize its value .

Filecoin Ensure data security

For businesses , Data security is more important than cost .Filecoin Using breakthrough blockchain Technology , It has properly solved the current problem of centralization of data storage , After all, as long as the centralized storage mode is adopted, the risk of data being stored in one pot cannot be avoided .

Besides safety , Support Filecoin The underlying protocol of IPFS Technology can also be used for artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 The Internet of things 、 Distributed storage provides the underlying support , Build a good information base for it .

In this era of all kinds of new Internet technologies ,Filecoin It was born at the right time , Be the guardian of the future data .

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