Blockchain technology redefines the transaction between things in the Internet of things

blockchain technology redefines transaction things

For the application of blockchain Technology , In addition to using cryptocurrency for value storage or speculation , The biggest landing may be in the Internet of things , After all, if BTC Value storage tools can be redefined ,DeFi If you can redefine the way you invest , Transactions between things in the Internet of things can also be redefined through blockchain .

And the market for the Internet of things is huge , According to McKinsey 2015 year 6 A report released in May , end 2025 year , The total economy related to the Internet of things will reach 11.1 Trillions of dollars , The market value of cryptocurrency just broke through this year 2 Trillions of dollars , thus it can be seen , The blockchain project with the concept of Internet of things has huge development space .

With Helium For example , It connects low-power routers and chips through blockchain technology , Providing decentralized wireless networks all over the world , Provide the underlying network support for the global Internet of things devices . According to its map , at present Helium There are more than 20000 nodes in the world , Even in China , There are also a lot of people offering Helium The way of hot spots “ dig ”. This Internet of things mining mode , It also makes the community's ideal of decentralized distribution of mining become a reality .

The challenges facing the Internet of things blockchain

Although the concept of the Internet of things is not new , But after all, blockchain is still a new thing , Therefore, the blockchain project with the concept of Internet of things is also facing great challenges , There are several main aspects .

One 、 stability

When blockchain is applied to real life , The demand for stability will be very high , Imagine applying the blockchain of the Internet of things concept to the smart city , If something goes wrong with the blockchain , It is bound to affect the lives of countless people . And the old block chain project with the concept of Internet of things IOTA I have been faced with such a problem , last year 2 month ,IOTA The main network is suspended 11 God , This kind of reliability obviously can't be applied in real life .

Two 、 Security

The Internet of things involves massive data transmission , And data is often related to people's daily life , And if there's a data leak , It's bound to have a serious impact . meanwhile , The decentralized nature of blockchain has also brought difficulties to regulation , For example, when the block chain of the Internet of things concept causes losses , How to be accountable has become a problem that regulators need to consider .

3、 ... and 、 Extensibility

In the era when every chip or sensor is an Internet of things device , The scalability of IOT blockchain is bound to be very important . In the idealized conception , Solar panels can sell excess electricity , Users in need ( Like bitcoin miners ) You can buy extra electricity automatically , Automatic settlement without human involvement . For such a large amount of data and a small amount of money , The scalability of the blockchain of the Internet of things is very important .

Four 、 Competitive power

To be fair , At present, few blockchain projects combined with real world applications have been successful , A lot of this is because teams tend to focus on hair token Financial side , current Helium There are also some such tendencies . investors 、 Public opinion pays more attention to the design of its financial model , However, little attention has been paid to the competitiveness of its application layer .

stay 2017 year , With IOTA The blockchain of the Internet of things, led by the Internet of things, was once hot , And with the arrival of the bear market, it's over . With the development of Internet of things technology , The demand for blockchain is bound to grow with each passing day , It may become another hot spot in the future .

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