After the callback, fil stands at 170 U.S. level. Gas costs have been rising. Is there any chance for IPFs to dig in April?

callback fil stands u.s. level.

(1)IPFS Systems and FIlecoin The relationship of the system

IPFS It's just an agreement , It's not digging . Mine software itself .Filecoin The system is digging . Mine software itself , The token name is FIL. Filecoin Used IPFS Protocol to run the system .Filecoin and IPFS Agreements are made by Protocol Labs( Protocol lab ) Development and maintenance .


(2)FIL How tokens are distributed ?

FIL There are 20 100 million pieces of distribution plan , There are four parts in all :

70% As a dig . The return of the mine : It's like bitcoin . The progress of the mine is gradually distributed ;

15% reserve Protocol Labs: As research and development expenses ,6 The ban was gradually lifted in ;

10% Assigned to ICO cast . Investors : According to digging . Mine progress , Gradually lift the ban ;

5% Reserved for Filecoin The foundation : As a long-term community building , Network management, etc ,6 The ban was gradually lifted in  .


(3)IPFS How the miner digs . mine ?

Filecoin The system creates two digs . The mining market :

1、Filecoin Storage market (Filecoin Storage Market)

Hard disk --- Yes, it's the size of the hard disk , What you need to contribute to the data storage market is hard disk storage space , More hard disk space , Your dig . The higher the mining capacity , The storage effort is proven by the market PoS(Power of Storage) prove , According to the size of the data you store, you can allocate it to everyone in proportion FIL.


2、Filecoin Data retrieval market (Filecoin's Retrieval Market)

Provide network bandwidth , If you have bandwidth resources, you can consider digging in this market . mine , Allocate according to your bandwidth FIL. Of course, two markets can participate at the same time , It's all up to . Investors themselves , wait until Filecoin After the system is released , Want to dig . Mine students quickly move up , Try to dig it FIL The first bucket of gold , and BTC The earlier you get involved , closed . The higher the benefits . Click on free experience to dig money


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