Atfx financial technology innovation road, the industry leader

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atfx financial technology innovation road

ATFX dynamic : Today, with the rapid development of science and Technology , big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Blockchain 、 Words like biometrics are popping up in front of us . Now , We'll use mobile phone to scan code to pay ; Use facial recognition to unlock ; With smart voice , These technologies make our life more convenient . In Finance ,ATFX Financial technology is also making waves in the industry .


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Fintech yes “Financial” add “Technology” For short , yes 「 Financial technology 」, That is to integrate technology and financial services , And then innovate financial products , Improve and perfect the financial service model , Build a complete service platform , So as to realize the organic combination of scientific and technological innovation chain and financial capital chain , Let the financial market practitioners get strong technical support , At the same time, it also provides “ Black science and technology ” Service for .

ATFX As the world's leading CFD broker , We have already fully realized the practical value of financial technology . That's why , We put in a lot of money , Used to strengthen ATFX Continuous innovation and R & D in the field of financial technology , We are also committed to bringing financial technology services to global investors . Because we believe in financial technology and online services 、 The combination of network security can give full play to the greatest value . therefore , We keep working hard and putting it into practice .

On the technical ,ATFX Investment in financial technology is increasing ; In application ,ATFX Constantly strengthen safety protection , Online electronic signature is realized 、 Face recognition, registration and other practical applications ; In terms of volume ,ATFX MT4 Top three in terms of trading volume in the world ; On products ,ATFX Keep pace with the times , Put the customer's needs first , Following the trend of financial market , To provide customers with the most competitive products in the market .


After years of practice and investment, we have achieved something , Now follow our steps to have a look ATFX The financial technology service matrix of .


【 Information database 】

throughout ATFX At the macro level , In order to provide customers with the most professional market information ,ATFX stay MT4 International level news information has been added to the platform , Like Dow Jones News 、WebTV as well as Autochartist, For customers to use free of charge .

1) Dow Jones News Agency news

Dow Jones news agency is the world's leading independent financial news provider , Pass through every day 60 A number of market information to the world 66 A country's 43.5 Million financial professionals provide up to 10,000 Real time news 、 Market review and in depth analysis report .


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We put Dow Jones news into MT4 In the platform , Make it available to customers in a timely manner 、 Effective information , It also further expands the channels for customers to obtain information , So that customers can quickly understand the information of the financial market .


2)Trading Central

Trading Central It is an award-winning professional technical analysis tool , It combines the technical analysis of major investment banks and asset management companies to conduct real-time investment research .ATFX To provide customers with a top-notch analysis tool , Let the customer go through Trading Central Get customized expert market views 、 Using trading signals and leading Market Research Libraries , Including the foreign exchange market 、 More than... Including indices and commodities 8,000 A financial product .


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The key is Trading Central It's in the interest of investors .Trading Central It's also the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) And the securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC) Registered investment advisor of (RIA) company , And accept the French financial market authority (Autoritédes Marchés Financiers、AMF) regulatory . The company is in the United States 、 The French 、 The British 、 Canada 、 There are offices in China and Cyprus , Enjoy a high reputation in the world .


【 Artificial intelligence 】

AI is also ATFX An important part of technology strategy , It is mainly reflected in face recognition technology . In addition to improving the platform's decision-making ability of risk control , Also provide customers with convenient and fast service .



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60 It is possible to open an account in seconds , With our AI technology , With computers and AI Instead of the huge amount of time that customers spend on labor , Greatly improved efficiency .


【 Safety technology 】

In recent years , Cyber crimes emerge in endlessly . And for brokers , It is particularly important to ensure the safety of customers' information and funds . So , We have a team around the world 100 Human technology team , They constantly update the operation of the platform according to their own professionalism , In order to prevent criminals from invading the platform and obtaining information .

ATFX Also through cooperation with international KYC( Get to know your customers ) Experts “Electronic  Identification”(eID) Combination , It has further expanded KYC Automatic survey program .eID Is a leading remote user identification system in the world ( With video streaming ) supplier . stay eID Of KYC With the help of solutions and services , Helps prevent malicious attacks , To ensure the safety of customers' funds , Whether it's for the company or for the customers , They are of great significance .


【 Future period 】

Looking back at the past ,ATFX With your own courage , And have a very far sighted vision, insight into the development trend of the entire financial market , Give Way ATFX Come to today's position .

In the future, we will continue to combine big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies , Promote the development of financial technology , We will explore a new era of smart finance with our customers , Creating unlimited possibilities for the future of financial services .