What did Sinotech dawning chainstor do right to make IPFs applications blossom?

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sinotech dawning chainstor right make

How to maximize the value of data , We have to get the data through 、 Flow and share .

Now , The release of data value ushers in the best era . last year ,《 Opinions on building a more perfect market-oriented allocation system and mechanism of factors 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 opinion 》) Write data to production factors for the first time , And encourage “ data ” This new factor doubles the efficiency of other factors , Cultivate and develop the data factor market .

《 opinion 》 It's like an official “ voucher ”, Remove the last hurdle for data flow , It means data flow 、 From then on, trade and use have stepped into the fast lane . meanwhile ,IPFS、 Blockchain and other projects and technologies have developed rapidly in recent years , From the technical level to ensure the reliable transfer of digital assets , by Web 3.0 The digital application innovation of the times 、 Data value provides a solid guarantee for efficient transmission and utilization .

 Give Way IPFS Application of flowers on the ground , Zhongke dawn ChainStor What did you do right ?


What's more difficult is , With the dawn of China Science and Technology ChinaStor Blockchain storage, as a representative, has risen strongly recently , Perfect fit IPFS application 、 Blockchain technology needs , At the infrastructure level, for IPFS Apply innovation to lay a solid foundation , Give Way IPFS Application of flowers on the ground .

IPFS The rise of application , Infrastructure short board highlights

if Web 1.0 The essence of this is to unite , Mainly driven by content generated by enterprises or institutions to attract their customers ;Web2.0 The essence of human nature is interaction , The Internet began to interact with people , The user is in Web Upload and share their content ; that ,Web 3.0 It's the age of interconnection , It's security 、 De centralization 、 Efficient future Internet world .

Web 3.0 Time ,IPFS The value is becoming more and more prominent . As the underlying communication protocol of the next generation Internet ,IPFS It's a kind of content addressable 、 Versioning 、 Distributed storage of peer-to-peer hypermedia 、 Transfer protocol , Designed to replace the traditional HTTP agreement . since 2015 Since its release ,IPFS It has been developing healthily , from Filecoin The main network is online , To Filecoin Plus plan , Project sponsor 、 Protocol lab 、 Storage service providers 、 Users and so on are widely involved in promoting IPFS The landing and application of .

According to the latest data , at present IPFS The total network storage contribution capacity has reached 3.6EB, The storage capacity is higher than that of the main network when it was just launched 6 times ; And more than 100 Three organizations are involved in the project construction ,200 A project into the ecosystem , exceed 5800 Individuals contribute code to the open source community , Give Way IPFS It is becoming more mature in both technology and ecology .

 Give Way IPFS Application of flowers on the ground , Zhongke dawn ChainStor What did you do right ?


Now ,IPFS It has been successfully applied to data storage 、 File transfer 、 Network video 、 social media 、 Digital rights 、 Food and drug traceability 、 Decentralized trading and many other areas . however , With IPFS All kinds of application innovation are blooming , And network storage capacity continues to grow , There are also unprecedented challenges at the infrastructure level , Mainly concentrated in three aspects :

firstly 、 Scale determines the return , Therefore, the head storage service providers' demand for storage capacity is rising rapidly , The problem of massive storage deployment and service of infrastructure is becoming increasingly prominent . Take the current head storage service provider as an example , The average daily data growth of its storage nodes has reached PB The scale of the class , The cumulative storage capacity of the node exceeds 100PB Become normal , If the large-scale storage scenario is not suitable for the capacity of the storage system 、 Extensibility 、 Deployment and service have serious challenges ;

second ,IPFS+ The combination of blockchains , At the business process level, it determines that the storage node should continuously store data , New sectors must be continuously received and encapsulated , Then a large number of encapsulated sectors are continuously written into the storage system , At the same time, we should complete the space-time proof within the specified time , For the performance of the storage system 、 More and more reliability requirements ;

third ,IPFS Application projects store data at the same time , Due to the limitation of pledge mechanism , Data security will also have a direct impact on revenue , Therefore, the security of the storage system is also unprecedented attention .

These trends , It directly drives the storage manufacturers represented by Zhongke Shuguang to focus on blockchain storage innovation in recent years , From a technical 、 product 、 programme 、 Ecology and other aspects work at the same time , To solve IPFS The pain of application infrastructure .

ChainStor: Blockchain stores explosives

Since I was born , Zhongke dawn ChainStor Storage resources have been built for a number of blockchain head enterprises , The scale of single node storage has reached 70PB, The cumulative storage capacity provided has exceeded 1EB, Become a veritable blockchain storage explosive .

ChainStor Behind the success , It's a concentrated explosion of the dawning storage technology strength of Zhongke . as everyone knows ,IPFS The requirement of application for storage system is not simple hard disk stack , It's about mass storage deployment and service capabilities of storage vendors 、 It is a comprehensive test of the storage system's deep customization and optimization ability, as well as the storage technology's long-term planning and investment ability .

First , Zhongke dawning has been working in the field of distributed storage for many years , Have a deep accumulation of Technology , But for blockchain storage , There is no simple “ Substitute stealthily ”, It's targeted technological innovation . for example ,ChainStor Using distributed storage architecture , The bottom core is the data object management system based on bare device , It's not just inheritance EB Level extension 、 The advantages of high reliability and easy management , More for the characteristics of blockchain storage applications , On the hardware platform 、 software function 、 data IO route 、 A lot of customization and development in terms of stability, etc 、 Performance optimization and testing .

 Give Way IPFS Application of flowers on the ground , Zhongke dawn ChainStor What did you do right ?


secondly , The dawn of China Science and technology has sunk to the forefront of business application , Bold and pioneering exploration , Constantly explore the combination of business requirements and storage products . for example , Zhongke dawning initiated SPEC Rules , From a professional point of view, the paper defines the process of building blockchain storage 4 Elements , namely Security( Safe and reliable )、Performance( Ultimate performance )、Capacity( Massive space ) and Efficiency( Efficient operation and maintenance ).ChainStor It can greatly improve the storage throughput of storage service providers , The number of encapsulated servers supported by concurrency can be increased 20 More than times , It ensures that the effective storage capacity per unit time can grow rapidly .

Third , Zhongke dawning focuses on in-depth cooperation with customers , Use the product 、 technology 、 Services to ensure the implementation of blockchain storage in applications . In the near future , Dawn and IPFS Head player an maiyun 、 Lucent technology signed “IPFS Distributed storage EB First class production ” Strategic cooperation agreement , Let the advanced technical scheme planning and large-scale implementation guarantee constantly land in the users .

For the long-term development of blockchain storage

Now , Blockchain 、IPFS Application has long been a new technology infrastructure supporting the development of digital economy , In Finance 、 media 、 Social networks 、 Internet applications and other fields are blooming . Again , As a blockchain “ infrastructure ”, Blockchain storage is not a “ Earn fast money ” Project , The market needs to have a strategy 、 There is a plan 、 Storage companies with technology seek long-term development of blockchain .

So , Zhongke Shuguang regards blockchain storage as an important development direction of future storage applications , Committed to promoting innovation in Distributed Storage Technology , Accelerate the exploration of distributed storage technology and industrial integration ; in addition , China Science and technology dawning is actively working with ecological partners to explore a new model for the ecological development of blockchain storage , Promote the healthy development of blockchain storage ecology .

Facing the future , The digital economy has become the most important economic engine , With IPFS、 Blockchain and other technologies are applied to all aspects of the digital economy , Blockchain storage has a huge market space in the future , It also provides a broad stage for those manufacturers who are ready to make preparations .

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