What is the significance of filecoin for users and miners?

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significance filecoin users miners

Filecoin The main network will be launched for half a year , The market for Filecoin There have been a lot of introductions to , I believe you have learned a lot about it . Today, let's think about Filecoin What does this distributed storage project mean for users and miners .V|IPFS_KF818

Filecoin It's a point-to-point network in itself , Its economic mechanism is realized through the setting of network mechanism , Ensure the reliability of network file storage .

Filecoin By payment FIL For file storage , Miners get... By storing files FIL, And it needs to prove that the file is continuously stored during the file storage period . Anyone who wants to store files can join Filecoin, And the price of file storage is not controlled by anyone , Users only need to find the file storage price they are satisfied with .

Filecoin In the network mechanism of , Any miner can publish his own file storage price , Users can also find a file storage price that they are satisfied with .

Users can take advantage of several factors in file storage, such as cost 、 Make your own trade-off between redundancy and speed , Choose the storage method that suits you best . What's more, this storage mode is different from the traditional centralized storage mode , It doesn't need to be dedicated to every user API( Use interface ).

Users can prove that their files are stored correctly by checking the storage certificate provided by the storage miner anytime and anywhere .

These storage miners can theoretically involve individuals and organizations , Any node can be a networked computer with idle storage space , Or a dedicated computer cluster system dedicated to storing files .

Once the storage provider implements Filecoin agreement , They can enter Filecoin The whole market of users . Providers don't need to design their own storage API Or promote their own products , Because this is by Filecoin Protocol and network processing .Filecoin By removing barriers to entry , Enabling the decentralized ecosystem of independent storage providers to flourish .

For the first time Web3.0 Novice ,IPFS Officials think they will like to know some core concepts , These concepts make IPFS、Filecoin、Powergate And other technologies are possible , And how to Web3 Use them in novice projects and Applications .

Web3.0 Time ,Filecoin It's a revolutionary technology , It transforms the former centralized development model into a decentralized development model . The advantage of this is that it can remove the centralized nodes through the decentralized nodes , Greatly reduced the risk of being censored , At the same time, it increases the possibility of being attacked .

It has built a reliable Web3.0 infrastructure ,Filecoin The emergence of the Internet allows everyone to really master and use their own data , Established their own access to their own data .

Last , because Filecoin The nodes are distributed all over the world , So in theory, it's just not a devastating disaster all over the world ,Filecoin Will exist forever , Long term storage of human civilization data .

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