Data: the collective rise of fil and eth, which is more suitable for fil and eth to hoard currency?

data collective rise fil eth

FIL Now it's a linear release mechanism . Dig every day . The harvest from the mine . The benefits were not immediately released to the miner's account , Twenty is divided into 25% The immediate release of 75% Of 180 Antenna release .

( Immediate release refers to the income received on that day . Yi arrived at the account immediately , Ready to cash .)

for example : The yield of one day is 100 Coins , Among them 25% Immediately release , namely 100*25%=25 Coins , this 25 It can be put forward immediately .( Linear release refers to the yield obtained on the day , It will be distributed gradually in the future )

About FIL Money digging . Rules and introduction of ore release

Since the launch , Many of the miners who have made the layout ahead of time are concerned about their harvest . What is the specific situation , because FIL dig . The mine is the same as other mines in the past . There are a few more rules than mine , The mechanism of pledge and punishment plus the mechanism of token distribution , Let's take . It's even more confusing , The next data calculation is based on the published rules and data on the blockchain network , Just for demonstration reference , It doesn't mean real . The benefit is embodied in .

What we talked about earlier is 100 Mei Zhong , Yes 25 A coin can be put forward on the same day , But in addition 75 Where did Mei go ?

In fact this 75 It's also on the miner's account , It's just a frozen state , Unable to withdraw immediately , For example, the coin produced by No.1 , this 75 It's cut into 180 Share , Number one's in the back 180 God , A daily tradable account to the miner . Until this 180 I'll give you all . But at the same time as the first day reward is released every day , The next day's coin production is also being released in accordance with this rule . The next day is not only the reward of the day , You can also get the previous day's release reward , On the third day, you can get the first day and the second day's release reward . And so on . When it reaches an intermediate value , We can understand it as , How much we dig every day , How much money can be withdrawn immediately . In the first 181 days , The first day of release is over , here , It's an absolutely stable harvest . Yifengfeng . Click start mining for free

​ Simple contrast FIL and ETH, If you take it from . If you look at it from the above :

According to the current currency price ,FIL It's going to be better , Because it's only been online for a while , There's a lot of value in the future , But don't think too much about it , It depends on whether it can land . Ethereum , After all, I've experienced cattle and bears , For now , The development is very stable , And it's also worth looking forward to in the future .

In terms of risk :FIL up to now , The best time to get in has been missed , Early coins were cheap , High yield , Any cast . I have to remember , In the currency circle , When everyone is in the cold so and so, the project is sure to make money , Usually you should think about leaving , You just have to get involved early , Only in this way can we get a super high income of ten times and a hundred times . benefit !

Friends in need can ask me to book in advance , Prioritization !!! present . stay . see . Next . Noodles . Can . dig . To FIL, use . hand . machine . Just . can . With . Click start mining for free


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