Why is the total number of bitcoins limited?

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total number bitcoins limited

lately , Whether it's Zhihu or in the headlines , For the total number of bitcoins 2100 The concept of Wanmei has always been controversial , Many people think that the total amount of things that can be divided infinitely is definitely more than that , Some people think it's just 2100 Ten thousand this amount . I believe all the friends who come into contact with the coin circle know , The total number of bitcoins is 2100 over . This number was defined by Nakamoto when he first defined the concept of bitcoin . I believe many people don't know that the total number of bitcoin is limited to 2100 The reason for that ,2009 Year is The first year of bitcoin , That year 1 The month is in the first block, the genesis block , Dug up 50 Bitcoin . In the settings , Every time 10 Minutes will create a new block , And from the first block to 210000 The block is called “ The first stage ”, In the first stage , It is stipulated that each block can be excavated 50 Bitcoin . In the number 210000 After the block , Start up ” The second stage ”, The second stage begins , The number of bitcoins dug up in each block has shrunk to 25 individual , And this decay happens every four years , We know that the number of coins that can be dug in the block is 0.

I hope you can distinguish between unlimited amount and wireless division, which are two different concepts , For example, I have 10 Ten thousand bitcoins , So no matter how the rest of the rest is divided , I have it all 100000/21000000 The proportion of , It can't be because someone else has divided a bitcoin into tens of thousands of shares , He has more bitcoins than I do ? It's not because I've taken my own 10 Ten thousand bitcoins are divided into 1 100 million copies , I'm more than 100000/21000000 It's a lot of weight ? Different from the traditional currency, it can be printed infinitely , So when the state prints a lot of money , Your currency depreciates , That's why bitcoin is recognized , It's just that there's no infinite number of issues . Why do many people think that the total number of bitcoins is definitely more than 2100 Ten thousand ? Because now many people know that 1 Bitcoin can now be cut into 1 100 million copies , The smallest unit is not a piece , It's smart .1 gold =1 Yi Cong bitcoin . That's why people think that the total amount of bitcoin is not 2100 The reason for that . About this kind of argument , I personally think the total amount of bitcoin is 2100 Wanmei is right , We can learn from the principle of bitcoin first . What is bitcoin ? This time we use abstract concepts to explain , The essence of bitcoin is actually a special solution generated by a bunch of complex algorithms . A special solution is an infinite number of solutions to a system of equations ( Actually The currency It's Limited ) A set of solutions . And every particular solution can solve the equation and is unique . In terms of RMB , Bitcoin is the serial number of RMB , You know the serial number on a bill , You have this bill . And the process of mining is to seek the special solution of the equations through a huge amount of calculation , This system of equations is designed to have only 2100 Ten thousand special solutions , So the upper limit of bitcoin is 2100 ten thousand . I hope you can understand that the real form of bitcoin is an encrypted serial number , Things like barcodes , Not in the shape of a coin . It's a coincidence . People who hold the view of coincidence believe that ,2100 The number of ten thousand is just a whim of Nakamoto . Maybe his time at that time was 21 spot , Or in memory of him 21 I fell in love for the first time , Or he likes to play 21 spot , Who knows? , Maybe 2100 The number of ten thousand is given by God . Symbolism . Some people think that , Bring all the metals in the world back to the furnace , It can be melted into side length 21M The square of . Some people think that the value of all paper money in the world is 2100 Ten thousand trillion , In the eyes of these people, Nakamoto defines the number of bitcoins as 2100 Wan is to prove that bitcoin is the most valuable currency in the new era .

Whatever Nakamoto limits the number to 2100 What's the reason for that , Bitcoin has been a symbol of an era forever in history . With the progress of the times , Bitcoin is also facing a crisis of sharp decline . Small make up think , The devaluation of bitcoin is also giving way to a more advanced blockchain model , It's the blockchain that's emerging today 3.0 Time . The currency Limited number , First come first served basis ! Sounds like there's an impulse to get started , Less is better for value growth . A fixed amount can avoid the issuance of currencies similar to those of other countries , So that it stops inflation . And the resulting deflation , In the cryptocurrency world formed by countless cryptocurrencies , The flow of each other 、 Functional complementarity , It greatly reduces the probability of deflation . This fixed value may be related to the range of integer data supported by the computer programming language , It is also convenient for the maintenance and development of the follow-up developers of bitcoin . First, it can support 64 The calculation of the largest integer number of bits . Second, it is convenient for others python、javascript And so on , The precision they support is 52 position , Just above the accuracy of bitcoin .( The accuracy of bitcoin is 51 position ,2100 Wanwei 2 Of 50.899 Power )

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