Do you understand the principle of currency trading robot system?

understand principle currency trading robot

Many people are attracted to the market by quantitative trading strategies from automated trading robots or expert consultants, and by promises to make easy money .

Or trading robot is an automatic trading program quantitative trading system development , Can run on your computer and trade in your account .

Online sales robots have become a huge business , But before you take action , You need to think about whether your strategy will make you profitable .

One 、 Let's first look at the common difficulties encountered by the project side :

Market value management strategy system , Run automatically K Online robot trading system construction

A. Work safety and profitability

1. There are many exchanges in the blockchain market , But few of them are able to do quantitative management of market value and become brand marketers with preferential prices

2. There are rat trading and opaque trading data in the secondary market cooperation trading team

3. On the realization of fund raising , Stability maintenance capability , What kind of effect can market businessmen achieve , Unknown

B. Market value management services and transactions are not transparent

1. Whether the trading depth of the market making system is up to standard , Whether the market capitalization strategy has been verified by many parties

2. Worry about exchanges and investors , The exchange releases empty data and investors may crash in the secondary market

3. The user's position trading cannot be grasped in time , The change of large position is not clear , Partners and large position trading changes are not clear

C. The disk data is not professional enough

No market value management : It's mainly horizontal , Poor liquidity , There is a wide price gap between the opening price and the opening price , Poor depth

Bitcoin Market Management , Currency management , Virtual currency market value management , Market value robot

General market management : Occasionally fluctuate , The opening price jumps , Depth difference

Market value management strategy system , Quantitative robot trading system

Two 、 Total solution for market value management :

High quality market value management : Active market , The opening is tight , Depth smoothing is excellent

3、 ... and 、 Function Overview

1. Market planning : Make a market plan according to the chip data

2. Market promotion + Community operation : Package of project information , Community agent operation

3.AI+24 Four hours of manual market making 、 Docking process

1. If the customer confirms that the transaction requiring market making service is right , Both parties confirm the feasibility of the service

2. After the customer pays the deposit , Start docking with the exchange , Provide a firm offer test for the corresponding trading pair

3. Create... On the exchange API Key, Start the exchange interface docking , Generally need 3-5 God

4. Communicate and determine the market making strategy , Start implementing

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