Several core concepts in blockchain

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core concepts blockchain

Intelligent contract

To support consistent updating of information —— And enable all ledger functions ( transaction 、 Query etc. )—— Blockchain network usage ** Intelligent contract ** Provide controlled access to the ledger .

Smart contract is not only a key mechanism to encapsulate information and keep it simple on the network , They can also be written to allow participants to automate transactions in specific aspects .

for example , You can write a smart contract to specify the transportation cost of the goods , The freight rate varies according to the speed of arrival . According to the terms agreed by both parties and written on the account book , When receiving the goods, the corresponding funds will automatically change hands .


The process of keeping ledger transactions synchronized throughout the network is called   Consensus , This process ensures that the ledger is updated only when the transaction is approved by the appropriate participant , And when the books do update , They are updated in the same trading order .

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