Will sumswap's strong breakthrough in the market become the biggest dark horse in the DEX field?

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sumswap strong breakthrough market biggest



DeFi The field consists of four main sectors : Decentralized exchange , Decentralized lending , Decentralized derivatives and decentralized stabilizers . In four major sectors , Centralized switching is a top priority . especially uniswap The total turnover of has exceeded 1200 Billion dollars ,UNI The market value of our company is more than 150 dollar , Become the whole DeFi The focus of the field . In the field of loans


 AAVE,Compound And so on have their own rights . In the area of decentralized derivatives and stable currencies , It has gradually improved .  


without doubt , The original DeFi The structure is in effect , All parties gradually formed .


When many projects destroy the market regardless of the consequences for a few short profits ,SumSwap But I'm meditating DeFi The essence of , And when most DeFi When there's no sign ,SumSwap But I've got my strength in reserve , Be ready for a big fight .


After a lot of research ,SumSwap The decentralized exchange was chosen DEX field , More than that DEX Occupy the whole DeFi Big head of , It also has extremely flexible expansibility , Decentralized lending in the future 、 Decentralization, derivatives and so on can be expanded smoothly on it .


“SumSwap” The innovative decentralization agreement was signed by UK blockchain company SumSwap Development , The team is made up of a group of members who have the ultimate pursuit of mathematics and blockchain , In the face of many hot markets DeFi After in-depth study of the project ,SumSwap The team thinks , this DeFi The explosion comes from its ingenious mathematical model design , Such as X×y=z、AMM Automatic market makers and other models , It is these mathematical models that break the limitation of the slow speed of smart contracts .


Besides having Uniswap and Sushiswap The most basic AMM Market making 、X*Y=Z Out of the model ,SumSwap A special mathematical design is made on the general certificate .SumSwap The platform pass is SUM, Using the base index model , Every block, every period SUM The output of the company has been carefully calculated .


SumSwap Original features Staking Mechanism , Including holding SUM Staking And ecology Staking, In the daily output of SUM in , among 40% Used to hold SUM Staking, in addition 40% For Ecology Staking. a SUM Staking It means that as long as anyone holds a certain amount SUM Pass people can share the daily information through this function SUM Productive 40%, This mechanism is calculated by special mathematical algorithm , This kind of algorithm can break up SUM whale , Let each user hold SUM The amount is more even , So it's better for the whole SumSwap Ecological balance and stable development ; ecology Staking Also designed a sophisticated mathematical algorithm , This algorithm makes the ecology of invitation more powerful , The ecology of acquisition Staking The more , And ecological Staking It also has the function of breaking up the big whale families , It's very conducive to the growth of the community .


everyday SUM Productive 20% be used for LP Token Mining plate , By adding fluidity to the flow cell, you can get LP Token, these LP Token They can dig in the mines they support SUM.SumSwap The migration function is also set up ,Uniswap and Sushiswap Hot LP Token Can be found in SumSwap Pit excavation SUM, When the time is right, these flow pools can be moved to SumSwap.


When the horse racing enclosure is in progress


After everything is ready ,SumSwap He opened his own way of horse racing .


SUM Total number of issues 3.2 Billion , Pre excavation 3200 ten thousand , The remaining 90% By mining every day , The mining time is calculated according to the Ethereum block , about 10 It will be finished in about two years .3200 ten thousand SUM In the pre excavation of ,2400 I want to join early “SumSwap” Users of , Used for early horse racing enclosure .“SumSwap” It provides decentralized node pre-sale and member pre-sale for early users who want to join the project , Among them, node pre-sale reservation 800 ten thousand SUM, Altogether 400 Nodes , Each node invests 10000 USDT Post acquisition 2 ten thousand SUM, And get the related rights and interests of the node , For example, the rights and interests of the subsequent centralized exchange, such as handling charges, dividends, etc . The calculated unit price of the node is 0.5USDT/SUM, Node full 400 people , or 324000 It's going to end in two Ethereum blocks .


in addition 1600 ten thousand SUM For members to pre sell , Member pre-sale is blind , most 3000 Ginseng and , At least per person 4000USDT. Members are sold out in advance 3000 Person or 486000 End of Ethereum block . At the end of the member pre-sale, when the member pre-sale total USDT Greater than (3000×4000)USDT namely 1200 ten thousand USDT when , The unit price of member pre-sale is based on the total price of member pre-sale USDT/1600 In case SUM Calculation , When members pre sell USDT Less than 1200 ten thousand USDT when , according to 0.75USDT/SUM Calculation . It also means that , In any case, the unit price of node pre-sale is less than that of member pre-sale .


The remaining 800 ten thousand SUM Part of it will be put in AMM Mobile pool , The other part is for developers to operate and optimize the project .


Both node pre-sale and member pre-sale adopt smart contract , Completely decentralized , Two kinds of pre-sale after the end of the transaction before the release 10%, The remaining amount is released every day after the opening of the transaction .SUM In addition to the design of AMM In addition to the amount added to the flow cell ,


The surplus circulation is only a few million , With Uniswap Pass card UNI For example ,UNI The total market value is close to 170 Billion dollars , renminbi 1100 Billion , As you can imagine , Only a few million in circulation SUM There's plenty of imagination .


Decentralized financial integrators on the shoulders of giants 、 a DeFi Domain integration applications will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model 、SumSwap More on Vivian 136 505  93 Subvert your perception , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


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