Na (Nirvana) public chain "born for application" NAC public chain leads the new pattern of public chain!

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na nirvana public chain born

Looking back on the historical development of blockchain , It can be roughly divided into three stages of development —— First, the early bitcoin stage , The second is the exploration of blockchain application represented by Ethereum smart contract , And then there's the present DeFi The stage of financial reform since the outbreak .


Actually in 2017 After year , Many public chains have sprung up in the market , Now look back from 2018 The development status of the old public chain from the first year to now , Tens of thousands of public chains born in response to the tide fell in less than a year 90% above , Plus the bear cycle , The only remaining public chains will no longer have their aura , For a time, it was difficult for technology to land 、 Tight funds 、 The plight of brain drain . Even most domestic public chains do not intend to create a real domestic public chain technology ecology at all , More by pushing up the price of the currency , Cut leeks from it .


therefore , The public chain track is still the dominant pattern of Ethereum , Is there no way out for the public chain other than Ethereum ?


It's not . There are some public chains that find entry points from subdivided fields to achieve their own breakthroughs , Focus on vertical areas , We can still create our own public chain value .NA(Nirvana) Is one of them .


NA(Nirvana) What is it? ?


NA(Nirvana) The public chain hopes to adopt its own advanced technology concept , Improve the public chain ecology . The threshold of learning is low , Easy to use decentralized applications , Perfect the application of traditional technology ecology can be changed from chain to ground . All public chain development is the implementation of application layer , and NA(Nirvana) The public chain clearly says in the white paper :“ Born for application .”


NA Nirvana)iChain yes “ Born for application ” Of An infrastructure service platform , It's for developers to provide a lot of services that can be optimized and customized , It contains the following features :

  1. For the first time, the heterogeneous composite chain architecture is adopted to realize the divide and rule of data 、 Massive concurrency
  2. Decentralized domain name leasing platform , Realize the construction of anonymous decentralized web page , Web domain name 、 In order to design 、 Logic program 、 All the data are linked , Realized 100% Really decentralizing Dapp and Dweb
  3. NVM The virtual machine implements the timing task , Parallel computing 、 Microservices , Original N++ The development of programming language can achieve five minutes to master

The team is based on cutting-edge technology ideas , To improve the public chain ecology , Completely solve all the problems that the public chain has not solved before


Nirvana NA Public chain pioneered the heterogeneous composite chain model , Support diverse consensus mechanisms 、 Distributed storage 、 Dynamic pricing 、 Anti quantum computing 、 Cross chain operations and other innovative technologies , Compared with the traditional public chain ,Nirvana NA The public chain is at the threshold of development 、 Operational efficiency 、 cost 、 Security 、 We have more advantages in terms of regulation and scalability . Plus the original N++ Language , Integrating traditional markets , It has a vast market, imaginable space and ecological achievements . Obvious , For the blockchain industry ,Nirvana NA The public chain will promote the epoch-making process of blockchain industry technology , Promote the historic change of public chain .

Nirvana NA The unique label of the public chain . As an application infrastructure , All the innovative characteristics of the system serve the application , From the application system “ Full hosting mode ”,Nirvana NA Public chain will Javascript File on the chain 、CSS File on the chain 、 Picture file upload on the chain 、 Business logic on the chain 、 Data on the link constitute Nirvana NA Infrastructure of public chain , Form a one-stop application full hosting mode , For blockchain DAPP Developers bring one-stop hosting 、 Development 、 Control cloud service platform , stay Nirvana NA On the application system of public chain , You can easily build your own applications .


Nirvana NA The anti censorship of the public chain . Since the development of public chain , There is still no complete decentralization ( Resistance review ). Based on the development layer ,Nirvana NA The public chain reconstructs the commercial value of the public chain by improving the infrastructure , Node layer 、 Consensus layer 、 Instance layer 、 The application layer consists of four layers Nirvana NA Public chain infrastructure , The restructured infrastructure can be truly decentralized 、 Anonymity .


Nirvana NA Public chain epic anonymity . Subversion is courage ,Nirvana NA The epoch-making significance of the public chain lies in the perfection of decentralization , As you can see from hosted services , Rental server 、 domain name , No need to buy across traditional platforms , Don't worry about exposing your privacy . Why do you say Nirvana NA The public chain has epoch-making significance ? It can be understood in this way , Alibaba cloud 、 Amazon as a traditional infrastructure , The service platform provides domain names in the background 、 Server purchase and control , Alibaba cloud 、 Amazon and other platforms have basic services ,Nirvana NA There are all public chains , And it makes it easy for developers to manage their own development tools on the application system .


from Nirvana NA In the future of the public chain ,Nirvana NA Infrastructure provided by public chain , change DAPP Development efficiency , Realized IOS/Android Application development 、DWeb application development 、 Intelligent contract / Tokens, 、 The basic application scheme of desktop software . It can be predicted that ,Nirvana NA Public chain mining docking 1362 2951 On the Internet DAPP Will be far greater than the current situation of the public chain Market , Bring great identity subversion to the public chain , When you participate in it and find that you can also be a rewriter of the times , Ecological prosperity is bound to drive , The journey of forming a new era of public chain .

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