Bep20 token and how to create your token

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bep20 bep token create token

What is coin security smart chain Binance Smart Chain?
Coin security smart chain (BSC) It is a kind of parallel blockchain based on smart contract of coin security chain , For decentralized applications (DApps) Provides an open platform . Although coin security chain provides high throughput of active encrypted transactions , But there is a lack of programmability . Coin security smart chain exists to change this situation . The purpose of coin an's launch of the smart chain is to provide support for the booming decentralized finance (DeFi) The market provides a high speed 、 Low cost alternatives , The market is limited by the high transaction costs of Ethereum . Coin security smart chain is based on 2020 year 9 Monthly online , The block time is 5 second , Support cross chain asset transfer , have EVM Compatibility , Adopt proof of interest consensus agreements to ensure scalability .

BEP20 Token standards
The token standard of coin security smart chain is BEP20, Its function is similar to that of Ethereum ERC20 Standard similarity .BEP20 It's a developer friendly token standard , Allow anyone to deploy interchangeable digital currency or token on the coin security smart chain . what's more , High quality digital assets in other chains can be anchored to BEP20 The form of the token , Transplant to coin an smart chain . for example , You can use coin bridge (Binance Bridge) Put bitcoin (BTC) Transfer to and BTC Hooked up BTCB(BEP20) Tokens, . then , Can be in DeFi Protocol deployment BTCB(BEP20) Tokens, , To make bitcoin money . ETH,XRP,DOGE And so on .

What happened to coin an smart chain ?
As Ethereum (Ethereum) Low cost , High speed alternatives , With the support of one of the world's largest encryption companies , There are already a wide range of DApps and DeFi Applications . some DeFi The protocol has been migrated from other blockchain networks to coin an intelligent chain , And since its launch , There have been dozens of prototypes of coin an smart chain DApp There has been a considerable user growth . PancakeSwap,Venus and Autofarm etc. DeFi The Agreement constitutes BSC Most of the activities on the Internet . But this does not mean that coin an smart chain is only suitable for decentralized Finance . Games and gambling DApp I also found my home on the coin security smart chain , The first NFT Appear in the 2021 Beginning of the year , For the purpose of BSC Users provide the same experience of encrypting collections as other blockchains .

Create a token tutorial

1. download MetaMask wallet

Official website address :

Browser plug-in download ( At home ):
Baidu : link :  Extraction code : pebp

2. Select the network , Customize RPC


3. fill BSC Internet Information

Network name ( Fill in at will ): Coin an smart chain or Binance Smart Chain

newly added RPC website :

chain ID:56

Symbol ( optional ):BNB

Block browser URL( optional ): Binance (BNB) Blockchain Explorer

4. Visit the token website :