Shenzhou information unveils Hainan blockchain application demonstration project

shenzhou information unveils hainan blockchain

In recent days, , Hainan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, together with big data administration bureau and agriculture and rural department 、 The local financial supervision bureau and other competent departments of the industry 10 Department and Bureau , published “ Hainan province implements the blockchain application demonstration and unveiling project ” Unveiling the list , Shenzhou information successfully unveiled “ Hainan Zhixin agricultural service platform based on blockchain ” project , And invited to participate in the guidance of Hainan Provincial Department of industry and information technology and Hainan blockchain Association 、 Jointly organized by the industrial blockchain special committee of China Association of small and medium sized enterprises “2021 Hainan blockchain industry innovation sharing Conference ”.

Share the scene , Cui Shutian, deputy director of Hainan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, said :“ In recent years, Hainan provincial Party committee and government have attached great importance to the development of blockchain , This year's unveiling project plan is the first blockchain operation demonstration unveiling activity organized and released in the name of government departments and bureaus in China .”

Chen Honghong, chief blockchain expert of Shenzhou information, signed on behalf of the company 《 Hainan blockchain industry self discipline convention 》, And around 《 The road of digital industry innovation of free trade port under double circulation 》 Share the theme , He said “ Blockchain as an emerging technology , Its application and construction , On the one hand, it needs policy guidance , Ensure the legal compliance of the application , Improve efficiency ; On the other hand , In the process of digital construction , It's based on a few principles , The digitization of assets 、 Online process and intelligent supervision , Only in this way can we truly release the free vitality and value of the market .”

This year, 1 month 5 Japan , Hainan Province officially released 《 Hainan province implements the blockchain application demonstration and unveiling project scheme 》, From natural resources and planning 、 The judicial 、 financial management 、 tourism 、 Medical care 、 International Trade 、 Agriculture, etc 7 Select a batch of key core technologies of blockchain in large areas 、 A unit with strong innovation ability , Accelerate the innovation and development of Hainan blockchain technology and industry , Cultivate and create “ Chain Shanghai South ” Blockchain Industry Ecology .

As the unveiling unit , Shenzhou information will develop its own blockchain technology platform [email protected] As the core technology platform , Build a set of agricultural products on the whole chain data chain 、 Hainan Zhixin agricultural service platform is a multi-functional platform integrating agricultural basic environmental information data collection and analysis and online trading of agricultural products . On the one hand, relying on intelligence IOT And satellite remote sensing 、 UAVs and other space equipment , Complete the whole chain of agricultural products in Hainan Province 、 The whole process of data information records on the chain , For data value mining 、 Make use of it to lay a solid foundation . On the other hand , Combined with data transmission 、 Data monitoring 、 Real time images 、 Video monitoring and other modules , Complete the real-time monitoring of Hainan agricultural basic environmental data 、 Acquisition and analysis , Provide policy 、 Supply and demand information services ; At the same time, we will build an online trading platform for agricultural products , Help planting enterprises and purchasing enterprises to complete online transactions and deposit certificates , Get through logistics 、 Port and customs clearance information , Introduce digital RMB payment and settlement system , Realize convenient agricultural products transaction settlement . Help Hainan Province give full play to the advantages of free trade port , Build an agricultural blockchain financial innovation center and application highland with international influence , Achieve high quality development .

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