Eftalk, the world's first POTP binary cross consensus mechanism

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eftalk world potp binary cross


EFTalk It is composed of intelligent contract design experts and the world's top team of dark net Hacker League Together to build a decentralized social platform


 EFTalk Is based on EGG The decentralized social application ecology on the Yongdong financial public chain , Automated execution of smart contracts throughout the process , Parallel to the traffic pass EFT、 With open source 、   Secret anonymity 、 Anti censorship 、 Point to point information encryption and other features . Reshaping the center “ ownership ” In the economic model , The monopoly of centralized organizations on the value of social data . Build a social system that truly decentralizes rights and interests


Mine pool highlights

EFT The mobile mine pool has the characteristics of perpetual finance , With user traffic , Continuous cycle , Constant price, not constant quantity , The exchange rate is stable , Realize the payment function of multiple ecological application scenarios . Low threshold 、 Follow the trend of volume development , Realize the pass value of real rigid circulation


【 Mining rules 】

Recommend new users to initiate transfer , Smart contract automatic execution 28 allocation mechanism , Total amount of transfer 80% New users on arrival ,20% Conduct 4 Double the force increment and enter the mobile ore pool , full 500 Calculate the force value =1 gold ,EFT500 Day release cycle , Can accelerate release , Speed up, not slow down


Project highlights

Powerful technology : Blockchain intelligent contract design experts and top hackers in the world .


Distributed ledger : In a system with many nodes , Each node has a high degree of autonomy . There is no central operating point , It's also a platform for users


Intelligent contract : Cryptography and code technology all node synchronization on the chain , from “ Code ” Automatic execution of contracts , Ensure fairness and openness


Multiple applications : Chain operator 、 Shopping offline 、 Decentralized bidding and other diversified development


Traffic advantage : All users are beneficiaries of Ecology


Open and inclusive : Cross Chain Protocol 2.0, Native support for two-tier Cross Chain Protocol , It is all inclusive and integrated with technology and industry


Yongdong Finance : Yongdong mine pool continues to circulate with the increase of user volume “ Transfer payment — The incremental — Release — And then transfer to pay — Add more — Re release ”( Perpetual motion cycle )


Global payments : Scientific and sound circulation system , Follow the trend of volume development , Put an end to bubbles , Realize the real decentralized payment application and token value


EFT The traffic pass information is completely open to the public , There are no loopholes , back door , No one can shut it down , The project is not shut down , run , The risk of money . All the data , Open and transparent , Cash can also be withdrawn from the chain .


【 An analysis of the token system 】

EFT Toukuang :2100 over , 100% on the market , adopt EFT Flow and increase the ore pool .

attribute : Constant price, not constant quantity

Constant price : about 0.1511 USD/ gold

The world's first POTP Binary cross consensus mechanism , Double authentication algorithm rights , Internal added value is more stable , The original is unique 05 Decentralized storage of distributed data system , Fast seamless migration of traditional systems and blockchain systems .

To achieve decentralized control 、 Immutability 、 Large capacity on chain and off chain storage , Native built-in is based on GOGLEV8 Of STE Intelligent transaction engine , chain On the original support JAVSCRIPT Language , Support JAV、GO、C# Wait for all the masters DS development language , All things can be connected 、 Everything is programmable .UTX0 Data structure scalability of transaction data and execution code 、 privacy 、 Safe and reliable , Side chain asset issuance , Support double layer cross chain protocol , Assets cross the chain + Data cross links .


【 The income system 】


  Computing power gains : The user pays for the first time EFT The certificate of rights and interests becomes the node person , The smart contract on the chain is implemented automatically “ 28 distribution mechanism ”,80% Direct push the account upon receipt , The remaining 20% The incremental 4 And then it goes into the flowing ore pool ,500 Days release earnings .


give an example :A User transfer B user 1 over EFT,B received A The total amount of transfer is 80%(8000 gold EFT),A Get the transfer EFT Of the total 20%(2000 gold ) Conversion increment 4 times ,20%×4=8000 Calculating power ,EFT The calculation power of the mine pool is 500 God, release ,B Users can also build EFT Consensus Links


Power plus : Accelerating the flow of ore pool by quantum computing force EFT Release , Quantum computing power can accelerate 5 Time (H1-H5), Speed up, not slow down , All the time 0.003 Calculate the force , The acceleration depth is 15 generation ,EGG Public chain mining docking Weiwei 18820  0092 Just meet the assessment conditions , You can turn on quantum acceleration in turn , Satisfy 1 Wansuan Li can be turned on H1 Speed up , Satisfaction within the team 2 individual H2 Turn on H2 Speed up 、2 individual H3 Turn on H3 Speed up , And so on , Up to H5.

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