What's the difference between BTC mining and fil mining? How to choose

difference btc mining fil mining

People in the digital currency circle , It must have started with bitcoin , Although I don't know what digital currency is , What is digging . mine , I don't know who invented it , I only know that a few years have made a lot of money that others can't make in their lifetime , Then I joined the digital currency circle . As the participation time increases , And a deeper understanding of blockchain and digital currency , Some people have come to understand the essence , Choose to still believe it , Others, however, still attribute their failure to deception .

that , Today we talk about blockchain applications , It's about to take an important step , Filecoin Distributed storage , Although both are digital currencies , But how is it different from what we know about bitcoin ? Let's share :


One  、 dig . The principle of mining is different

PoW, Full name Proof-of-Work, Proof of work load . Bitcoin is like most public chains or virtual currencies , It's all based on  PoW Algorithm to implement the consensus mechanism . That is, according to the digging . Mine's effective contribution to determine the distribution of money . This principle of digging . mine , In short , The best way to do that is through computers , Keep looking for Nonce value 、 count Hash The process of value . Who will find it first , Whoever digs successfully , That is to say, people with higher configuration will get more bitcoin .V:slf855

PoW Proof of workload , It's the method of economics . It was created by two economists in 1993 A strategy put forward in , It's an economic strategy to effectively prevent the abuse of services or resources .

PoW The advantage of this method is its high reliability , Wide application , It is a public chain consensus algorithm that has been fully tested in practice . But its disadvantages are also obvious :



(1) Consume too much extra computing power , That is, it consumes a lot of energy , It's not very environmentally friendly ;

(2) Mining machinery invested a lot of money , Leading to the centralization of computing power , And exist 51% Security risks of attacks

in short , be based on  PoW Mechanism Mining is a huge consumption of computing power and electricity .

and Filecoin dig . The mine adopts PoSt, Full name Proof-of-Spacetime, namely ( Storage ) Space time proves . In the equity consensus PoS(Proof-of-Stake) On the basis of ,Filecoin It's time to improve the consensus mechanism PoSt, Instead of proof of work PoW.

stay Filecoin In the system , Miners complete storage , The user confirms that the miner has finished storing , there “ Make sure the miner has finished storing ”, Namely Filecoin Consensus of



PoSt yes Filecoin Generated when verifying that miners store user data ,Filecoin It will convert the proportion of data currently stored by miners on the network to the proportion of miners voting (voting power of the miner), At this ratio , The possibility of the network choosing a miner to create a new block is proportional to the storage space used and the cost of the rest of the network .v slf855

according to  PoSt Mechanism , Miners are more willing to cast . Capital storage , Not computing power , In order to parallelize mining computation , Miners provide storage and reuse Computing , To prove that data storage is for consensus . Use storage proof (PoSt) To reach a consensus , No need to waste computing resources and energy , It can also encourage miners to invest more storage space ( Hard disk ) Resources, not computing and energy resources , So as to play a very environmentally friendly role in the network 、 Efficient effect .

in short , be based on PoSt The digging of mechanism . Mining is a lot of storage space ( Hard disk ) And bandwidth resources . mine . But it has to be said that : It's not just hard disk , It needs to store the data before mining , Like a warehouse , But there's no cargo in the warehouse , It's absolutely impossible


Two  、 Mining machinery is different in nature

The essence of bitcoin miner is data computing equipment . From the original PC . mine , Video card digging . mine , To someone digging in a domestic miner . mine , Now it has developed into a cluster 、 Specialized large-scale digging . mine . Whether from the early days  CPU、 GPU Or later  FPGA、 ASIC、 Cluster digging . mine , dig . The essence of mining is concentrated lifting and digging . Mining equipment data computing capacity of digging . mine .v slf855

Filecoin The essence of mining machine is data storage device . because  Filecoin Mining machines are essentially different , Make it have a connection with  BTC Miner completely different configuration features . The data memory is mainly used to store the mineral machine, which does not need too much computing power , namely CPU It doesn't require too much performance , The memory capacity is suitable , But it needs a lot of storage space , in other words , The density of hard disk per unit space is higher , Equip as many hard drives as possible , At the same time, the data storage of I/O High performance , Have as much bandwidth as possible . Because of the special requirements of data storage , The whole mining machine must be stable, safe and not easy to damage .

To understand Filecoin dig . mine , First of all, understand  Filecoin Where do miners get their income . benefit . As we all know ,Filecoin Miners can be divided into storage miners and retrieval miners , In the early days of the Internet , I believe that most storage miners will play the role of retrieval miners , therefore , Let's consider the two together , It's called miner for short



about  Filecoin For the miners , closed . The benefits mainly come from the following aspects :

1、 Block rewards and transaction receipts . benefit : Fixed by a specific algorithm ( Constant quantity )

2、 Storage and collection . benefit : Store the fees users pay miners , Linear release according to the storage period ( The total amount increases with the increase of reserves )

3、 Search for . benefit : The fee paid by the user to access the content , It's usually paid to miners , Paid search miners if they need to get content from storage miners , And pay the storage miners .

As for bitcoin and  Filecoin dig . mine , It can be roughly divided into the above points , Bitcoin digs . Mining is a good project , So in the current situation ,Filecoin dig . The potential of the mine is greater , Better prospects , dig . Mining is different from currency speculation , It's a long process , I believe we all have a scale in our hearts !V:slf855  Click start mining for free


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