Blockchain DAPP game

blockchain dapp game
DApps Short for distributed applications . These applications should not actually differentiate between end users . About DApps What's important is how the back end processes the data .
Open the baidu APP Look at high definition pictures
1、DAPP The advantage lies in application experience and operation and maintenance cost
DAPP User experience is due to the unique data authentication of blockchain 、 Value transfer function , Can eliminate a lot of impact on the user experience 、 Factors that make development more difficult :
(1) User real name authentication process change
(2) The security of trading is improved
(3) Changes in industrial relations of production
(4) Project operation and maintenance cost is reduced
(5) Technology development costs are reduced
2、DAPP The disadvantage is that the future of technology is not clear
(1) The subversion of product design ideas
(2) The efficiency of public chain processing is low
(3) R & D is risky
DApp And traditional App What's the difference , Yes, the game App What's the impact ?
Tradition App, We believe it passively Dapp, We can see the facts and believe them again .
China DApp The application industry chain is divided into three parts , The upstream participants are infrastructure providers , Midstream is DApp developers , The downstream main body is the user group .
The upstream participants are infrastructure providers . The underlying architecture is oriented to DApp R & D of developers 、 Management and trading platforms , Be similar to iOS、 Operating systems on Android and other mobile phones , yes DApp The important underlying technology , It is mainly divided into public chains 、 The chain of private .
The main participants in the middle reaches are DApp developers . Games DApp Although there are more transactions , But the total turnover is low , Lots of games DApp R & D companies are losing heavily ; Risk category DApp The number and volume of transactions are both high , Large volume , Some risk categories DApp R & D companies make a little profit ; financial DApp Although the number of transactions is small , But basically every transaction has a profit , The overall volume is more risk type DApp Small , Part of the financial sector DApp R & D firms can break even .
The downstream participants are users . Users are mainly male , Focused on the 26-39 Age group , Most of them are used for the purpose of speculative acquisition or speculation of virtual currency DApp.
Game is the entertainment weapon invented by human beings .
After more than ten years of rapid expansion, the traditional game industry , But it's an unprecedented crisis :
The number of new players has plummeted , Plus the severe situation , The lure of huge profits , Many game development teams are faced with transformation problems one after another .
Money for some traditional games 、 Talent and technology are also slowly migrating to the chain tourism industry .
The game of the future will be DApp , The direction of blockchain development , The renewal of the times is inevitable , We go with the flow without losing ourselves .
We need to know in advance so that we won't be left behind .
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