What are the advantages of developing a currency speculation hedge robot?

advantages developing currency speculation hedge

Quantitative trading is a market strategy , It relies on mathematical and statistical models to identify and execute opportunities . These models are driven by quantitative analysis , That's the name of the strategy . It's often called “ Quantitative trading ”, Sometimes it's also called “ pricing ”.
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Quantitative trading is making decisions through computers , To make a profit . All coin circle people know how to move bricks and hedge sleeves by hand li, Through the price difference between different exchanges , To make a profit , It belongs to hedging quantitative transaction in quantitative transaction .
Quantitative trading strategies can be broadly divided into two categories , One is to judge the trend and carry out the strategy of high selling and low absorbing , Trend strategy ; The other is the strategy of eliminating systematic risks and obtaining relatively stable returns , It's a set li Strategy .
Due to the high volatility of digital asset prices , and 7x24 Hour Trading , In this case, the theoretical profit making efficiency of quantitative team is actually higher than that of traditional financial field .
thus , Quantitative trading is mainly responsible for helping asset owners prevent the risk of asset devaluation 、 The responsibility to get more solid returns , But in fact, the role of quantitative trading in the digital asset market is more than that , And it's much bigger than traditional financial markets , Whether it's for the project side or the exchange , Even the whole industry .
What it takes to do quantitative trading ?
(1) All kinds of data
There should be a variety of investment related data that can be easily used . This takes into account all kinds of data collection 、 Storage 、 cleaning 、 to update , And the convenience of data access 、 Speed 、 Stable .
(2) There's also a quantitative trading system
Have the ability to write strategies 、 Execution strategy 、 A system for evaluating strategies . This takes into account the system's support for various policy writing 、 The system is used for back testing and simulation gao Simulation 、 High speed of system execution strategy 、 Scientific and reliable aspects of system evaluation strategy .
Quantitative trading can use the computer to analyze massive data to get profit opportunities that ordinary people can't find , And there are opportunities that can only be exploited by quantitative trading . For example, you find a way to trade , It is characterized by the equal amount of profit and loss , But the probability of profit is 55%, Loss probability 45%. First of all, the probability law of this small gap , Non quantitative transactions cannot find , secondly , It takes a lot of transactions to make profits by using this rule , It has to be quantitative .
Quantitative trading can give traders the freedom of time , Free your hands and brain ,24 Hours of automation, easy to make money , You can spend this time to learn more about diversity . Never mind again k Line 、 indicators 、 The broader market , Make staying up late and keeping an eye on the market a thing of the past , Really feel the joy of currency speculation , Better to enjoy life .

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