Building common ground between decentralized exchange and centralized exchange

building common ground decentralized exchange

What is blockchain ? Blockchain is distributed data storage 、 Point to point transmission 、 Consensus mechanism 、 New application mode of computer technology such as encryption algorithm . The so-called consensus mechanism is to build trust among different nodes in the blockchain system 、 A mathematical algorithm for gaining rights . A block , Each block contains a timestamp 、 A random number 、 A reference to the previous block ( That is hash ) And a list of all transactions that have occurred since the last block was generated . This creates a growing blockchain over time , It's constantly updated , So that it can represent the latest status of the bitcoin ledger .
What is an exchange ? this paper MYY1003G Organize and release , Only as a reference for project requirements !
Blockchain exchange is mainly divided into two parts : The exchange system 、 Wallet system , Provide risk control system and scheme design for the exchange , Provide a blockchain based management framework , And the trading strategy risk control of digital currency . By analyzing the block information of digital currency 、 Clear 、 Modeling analysis , Extract relevant information , For institutions 、 Digital currency exchange 、 Professional users provide research services and risk control system .
So what is matchmaking ?
In a nutshell , Matchmaking is : Zhao San in the village wants to buy a piece of sugar cake , Li Si wants to sell a piece of candy cake , But Zhao San didn't know Li Si , They want to use me as an intermediary , Within the quotation acceptable to both parties , Deal with each other . Market decides everything , Zhao San wants to spend money on sugar cakes , Li Si offers 100 element , Wang Wu is anxious to cash in and go home to marry his wife , willing 90 Yuan is sold to Zhao San , Then it's bound to trade with Wang Wu .
The premise of currency match is that the buying price must be higher than or equal to the selling price , When the buying price equals the selling price , The transaction price is the bid price or the offer price , Then the latest transaction price is the selling price , If the previous transaction price is higher than or equal to the bid price , Then the latest transaction price is the bid price , If the previous transaction price is between the selling price and the buying price , Then the latest transaction price is the previous transaction price .
The profit model of the exchange is relatively clear —— similar “ pump ” Our business model has also proved to be one of the best in the world .
Users have absolute control over their assets , The exchange's technology orders will eventually be linked through the blockchain smart contract , It ensures the transparency of the transaction , Greatly reduce the cost of users' trust in the exchange , But there are also problems with the user experience 、 Liquidity is not strong 、 Legal currency exchange and other issues .
With the gradual maturity of the underlying technology of blockchain , The trading experience of a decentralized exchange 、 Trading speed and other aspects will also be improved and strengthened , therefore , There is still great potential for the development of the whole decentralized exchange industry , The de centralization and de centralization of exchanges will coexist for quite a long time .

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